Iranians Need to be Very Careful Regarding Regime Change.

US Allies have to purchase an additional $20 Billion in planes and parts to pay for Libya Campaign.  Meanwhile Libya’s
going through a civil war.  They are purchasing those supplies from the USA.  Sales are up from last year, from $26 billion to $46 Billion.

Interesting to see who reports on this, if anyone.  This is a profitable campaign for all as controlling Libya’s oil will be very lucrative.  Did
you ever wonder what the connection was between human rights and democracies.  It’s an inverse relationship.

This does not include the sales of weapons that will occur, when the rebels in Libya need supplies to keep their stale mate civil war with
Ghaddafi’s forces sustained.  Hopefully Iranians will not allow such a situation to occur with their participation.  If it does occur, which they may not be able to prevent, it needs to happen with Iranians in opposition to it. 

Iranians wishing for democracy in Iran, have already been used effectively one time before, in 1979 when the Shah and his government were over thrown and replaced with the tyrannical despotism in power today.  To this day many pro-democracy advocates regret not supporting the autocratic government of the shah and now agree that the shah may have been right that Iran was not yet ready for democracy. 

Here is a report on the politics of oil being in decline and policies used to acqire those resources.… episode 156.

Human Rights, saving lives, democracy… hopefully with information on the flow of money we can all see things are not what we are told by USA Media.  As for the Shah. Roohesh Shad.

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