The problems the religions bring in the human life

The problems the religions bring in the human life We are told that the religions bring happiness and love in the life. The people who are a believer in one religion should be nice, do not cheat, say the truth and be a good person. As Christ also said , if somebody hit one side of your face, offer him/her the other side also. Or if somebody is in need help him and be nice and friendly to other people. The Baha’i says the same thing, you should be a collection of all good action that a human being can have. But what is in reality. We trust the people who claim to be good and religious and they cheat us.   With other words, the religion is misused to cheat people who trust the flowers of that religion. 

  In my life I have a lot of experience and see also a lot of people who were somehow the victim or religion or nationality.  If you read history you can see a lot of flowers of different religions are killed torched and destroyed by people who do not believe in a religions or who believe in other religions similar to the religion of the people who are persecuted by them.  Sunni is a school in Islam and Shia is another school in Islam theology, but they killed each other many times in the history, because of the other name, but the believe in the same Prophet and the same Quran.  For a little bit different in little matter, they are willing to kill each other. May be the biggest problem in Islam is that the people do not read the Quran by themselves. It is Arabic and many Moslem do not understand properly Arabic and so they cannot read it and understand it. It is a lot of translation of Quran that they can use and read it, but they do not do it. They prefer to listen to the clergy and just flow him as research or search by themselves. 

 If you compare with Christianity, they read Bible and they have always good access to good Bible translation in their own mother or father language.   If you also compare the church with mosque , there is some differences also , in the church the men and women are not separated , but in the mosque they are separated, so a father cannot sit next to his daughter or wife, sister. The family is destroyed and separated.  But in church they sit together.  The church is using science and modern technology, light , movies and orchestra, but mosque is very traditional and maybe manage like 1400 years ago. The people do not sit on chairs and they are not comfortable as in a Church. Most pastor and clergy people of Christian churches are studied at the university, some of them are MD or PhD or even engineers or dentists. So they can help the people much more, but Islamic clergy are traditional and they know generally only the theology of Islam.  

And they think that is enough and they do not learn and respect the modern science and technology as the clergies of Christianity.  In church there are more freedom of speech and you have not necessary be persecuted if you are not agree with one of the clergy personality.  Baha’i religion based on Islam and Shia, tries to introduce some of these similar regulation in the Islam and sorrowfully is hated by some Moslem traditional people.   With this information and introduction, you can guess how that will be difficult for a person who has been born in a family of two religions, Christian and Moslem traditional or Baha’i and Moslem traditional believers.   And you can imagine the children of these two religions family how many problems they will have face to them in their whole life. As a child, they will have sometimes problem with the children who born just in one religion, and they do not know other religion, so they will tease a person who has borne in a family of two religions. They do not play with them and as some children are cruel, they hate and bit  them if they can. 

In the time they are grown up and want to marry, again they have problem, the people of both religion are not willing to marry him/her with parent of two different religions.  Why I write this story, because I will try to remove this problem.  Saber was born in a family of two religion.  After he studied engineering and had a job, he wanted to marry a girl similar to his family.  But the Moslem girls did not wanted him ,because his mother was Baha’i and the Baha’i girls also did not want marry him, because the father was Moslem.  But he had a good job and good salary, so a girl maybe mostly for his salary married him. She was not from the same level as Saber.

  After the revolution of Iran, Saber sent out of the work.  He tried to work in the private section, but his brother who was in USA encourage him to go there and try to send him his saving so he can arranged a nice life for them. The problem was that all people around him had problems also and they misused his trust. All his Baha’i family cheated him and some of his Moslem friend did the same to him.   He was actually was persecuted one time as a Baha’i and one time as a Moslem.  With other words the flowers of both religion used his position and robbed him.  His trust and love was totally misused.  At the end he came to the USA and this time his wife divorced him and took the rest of his wealth.  Now Saber is 75 years old and is totally robbed by the believers of both religion.  He said, the religion cannot bring peace and love, but hate and disunity. As he lost everything because of religion, he had the right to think that religion brought for him hate, cheating and robbing? Some people have a lot of advantages of religions and some people like Saber lose everything they have, because of the name of different religion.   

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