We should work for Just and we should not be indifferent as the system wants?

We should work for Just and we should not be indifferent as the system wants? Dear Mr. Vice President of the United States. As a college instructor or high school teacher after forty years’ experience and teaching in three different countries I would like to mention some unjust which is destroying the life of people.  As you know the Gadhafi  is killing his own people who do not want him on the top of the regime and also he gave permission to his people to rape the women or may be the men who are in the opposition  campus? 

 In other countries similar unjust is happening and the civilized countries are trying as we read in the newspapers are trying to establish the democracy in the world and take off the dictators and the robbers from the power and give the power of a country to the majorities of people with the respect of minorities.  But what is happing in the USA the leader of the democracy?  I will write for you here a real matter and I hope you will take that under the legal consideration.  My friend Nasser was persecuted in Iran, because his mother was Baha’i and he was not willing to say bad words about the Baha’i to keep his position.  As you know a lot of Baha’i have been killed in Iran recently. 

 Ten young women are killed in Shiraz, because they were teacher for the Sunday Baha’i school? So he was persecuted, because one of his Moslem friend wanted to rob him and he misused the situation and fight against him and sent papers everywhere that he has a Baha’i mother and he want to teach Baha’i religion as he is a university professor.  Sorrowfully he has to come out of the country of Iran, because the Moslem friend made the life hell for him there. Nasser helped him a lot and now he was paying his appreciation back to him by destroying him.  As he was sent out of work, his Moslem friend and his Baha’i family robbed him also and misused his trust and hard situation and took from him whatever they could. He came here and was college teacher for Middle Eastern and European languages and we worked in the same school for some years. 

 Orange County zoning department gave him a permission to have a tutoring boarding school with a farm.  He helped the students who have not enough money to rent an apartment and also provided work for them in the farm which could help their financial difficulties and had also classes.  The bank gave him about two million dollars credits and loan to open the school , but after few years the county cancelled the occupational license and he lost all his capital. What can he do with the building of the school, it was designed for the school and boarding and not to rent to regular people.  But he had no choice he had to rent the buildings to regular people, they robbed the materials and furniture destroyed the building and did not pay the rent.  Nasser had to go to the court to send them out of the houses, but they get angry and because the court and paperwork took months, they have time enough to damage and destroy the nice school Nasser provided.

He planted a lot of citrus trees over 1000 fruit tree, light and irrigation and fence or gate. They destroyed everything, because they wanted  to stay free in the house. And he should even pay for their water bill and electric bills.  In the time the police came to send them out of the houses they already have gone.  They left a damaged destroyed houses for him back. He called insurance company to come and see TV and police, but the insurance company just paid for the wet carpet to be dried in one week and later they refused to pay the water damage and other damages.  With other words they robbed him, too.   Orange County makes mistake and he should pay for it. People robbed him and police cannot take a serious action against them.  The people say they are free to robe and nobody care, because it is a free country?  He had thousand dollars of checks and the bank does not give any information about the people so he cannot even call them and ask them to pay him.

  Insurance company gather money from him for many years and sent him hundred pages policy, but in the time that he is in need , they do not pay for damages.  He had been robbed and destroyed from many side in a democratic country?  The price of the real state came lower and the bank does not modify the price they want the same amount of money for interest of 9% and 6.5% even the interest rate is now 2% , they want to sell short sell the building which he paid for it over 400,000 down payment and installment or improvement , just for 200,000 to the third person and do not let him to manage the building with the current price and rate? He is robbed and he is punished?  The county makes mistake and he had to pay for it?  The insurance company took money and ignored his damages, and the people robbed him and he should be punished?  A man after forty years work have nothing in the hand, because of the cruel situation in a democratic county? 

 He cannot even work ,because he cannot be cleared for work. As the people and the system robbed him, he is also punished to be not cleared to work. If so many people robe him ,how can he pay his bill?   I know the whole world is indifferent or cruel and the people do not care about the society and just any more. But in a country which is claims will to establish democracy in the whole world , should such unjust happen?  He cannot go to the court, because the attorneys want a lot of money affront.  They want cash money to go after the case?  Many people have the same problem, but his problem is greater, because he wanted to help the people and wanted to have school to guide the young people, and generally school is supported by government or churches.  But he put all his money and all his effort in this school and because he lost millions of dollars, he cannot start any other job any more. And he is also 61 years old. 

Is it fair that the county makes mistake and he should pay for their mistake? Is it fair that the people destroy and robe his business and the insurance company does not pay?  He has to pay his loan and his credits, but the people who robbed him should not be responsible to pay. Is here no organization which can help the people who cannot pay expensive attorneys to get their right?  A man who lost everything he had by the local government mistake should have no support.  How can we have a better and democracy world in the time that even in the USA is such Unjust?  Or maybe the people originated form Middle East should be ignored and punished here?  Or the system is so indifferent or so cruel that does not care what had happened to the human being? Is it not similar to what happened in Libya, over there the people are raped and killed, and here they are destroyed if the trust local government, insurance company and the people or even attorney. Should the world be so indifferent and so cruel? Where is the just then? 

 A person who worked forty years as a college teacher must be destroyed in the democratic country and nobody care? There is no law to support him? And do you also know that a lot of academic people from Middle East also with Ph.D. degree from the best university are killing themselves, they suicide because the system is cruel or completely indifferent.  The people who persecuted in their country for religion will be also here persecuted in a formal respectful form ,because they are from Middle Eastern countries. Do you think in such way we can solve the problems?  If we try to work for the humanity and unity of mankind all of us and our children will be supported ,it not even the people on the top are not safe?   In the hope that all of us work for just and unity of mankind  Amir Ghiassi

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