Flashmob and One Voice, what a bunch of Bull Crap…

Like many of you, I have been watching the cyber warriors’ attempts at disbanding Islamic Republic with their keyboards and webcams, and asking myself: what the…?

The so-called Flahsmob and One Voice Campaign not to mention the virtual demonstrations at the Azadi square, cybernetic hunger strikes and internet funerals for decedents… Are you serious?! When did we turn into cyber nutcases!

Now I gotta admit that It’s been entertaining to watch a bunch of well-fed intellectuals with bookshelves in the background (Bookshelves=Intelligence), voicing their support for a group of starving political prisoners who are most likely eating some guy’s Koobideh from the wrong end. “We love you long time. Our webcams shall free you some day! Gotta go now, running late for a dinner party!”

I can hear the political prisoners say, “Holly shit, we are in trouble now…”

The Flashmob, on the other hand, was by far the best of Iranian narcissism. I’m not exactly sure what kind of international effect it had, but I can tell you that Islamic Republic was panicking, seeing Iranian opposition straying from Starbucks to do something that requires physical activity (like flashing their fists).

Here is an idea: just for shits and giggles, how about a leading opposition figure inviting some of the fruity Iranians in Europe to join him/her on an expedition to an Iranian embassy and simply pissing on the embassy walls in bright daylight. That’s right… pull down your pants or skirts and piss on the fucking wall and say, “ I piss on this embassy for embarrassing my country and my people.”

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