Bristol Palin, please belog here!

Bristol Palin opened her book signing/meet and greet tour today and god help us we’ll see her on TV 24/7 like W’s “book” tour!  If you read her sneak peak here it is all about dishing others while being teflon moslem herself!

She dishes on the McCain family (Megan and Cindy) that they carried Luois Vitton luggage (while she only dreamed of those bags herself 😉 and Cindy McCain acted like a Queen and offered to be her daughter’s god-mother.  Well can you blame her?! 

Many Iranians tend to gossip and live by rumor mongering and then we have those who blame the Iranian women for nagging!  Well folks here you have it, a red blooded red neck turned celebrity is biting the hand that fed her and writing a book about it!  If it wasn’t for McCain she would be living in a trailer park carrying her second child by now!

She is now the spokesperson for abstinence.  Not protected sex but abstinence altogether and she receives $20,000 to $30,000 per speech as her part time job!  Full time she is going to be attending community college for ever!

Well not that there is anything wrong with it!  We have Michael Vick being a PETA spokesperson and Tiger Woods being all about family values, Islamic Republic the model of modern democracy and coming soon Congressman Wiener the Viagra spokesperson!

I just wish Bristol would belog here because she sure fits in!  A lot of nothing about nothing!  A lot of solutions that no one cares about! 

Photo: On the steps of Baba Taher masoleum in Hamedan.  I bought one of those greenish pots for cooking sangi dizi (clay cooked beef stew).  Worked fine, I tried it on my gas grill and it cooked the Dizi!  The dizi shops used them on deep flat iron grills and they were delicious.

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