Over The City Of Istanbul

Over the city of Istanbul

A bird circles

And moans in the moonlight:

Perhaps it has come from the strait of Bosphorus

From the port of “Roman Poplar”

Near the stone Russian fort

Where, today at noon

A band of argonauts:

Three brothers and four sisters

Sat at the four corners of a vast table

Under a half-cloudy sky

And ordered swordfish and Alexander kebabs

With yoghurt drinks and fruit sherbet.

They gathered together

From the four corners of the world

So that after the death of their Father of Fathers

They could regain the beauty of their childhood

In a place close to their homeland.

How beautiful were the sky and the sea,

The tall poplars and cherry blossoms,

The sharing of morsels among siblings

The Humming of a familiar song

From an old radio in the Kurdish cafe,

And a narrow path winding down to the port

Passing by pergolas full of flowers

Children’s seesaws and swings

And gift shops for travelers.

Then, they boarded the ship of Argo

(Which had returned from the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts

to the shores of Georgia

In search of the golden fleece),

And with the blessings of the blind prophet

They left the shore of the Black Sea

Drinking Turkish tea and watching beaches

Facing Europe with their backs to Asia.

Fearlessly led by the guiding bird

They passed through ship-wrecking rocks

And sailed the entire strait of Bosphorus

Anchoring at the port of Eminonu

South of the Golden Horn.

After buying a handful of roasted chestnuts

They strolled in the Egyptian spice bazaar

And visited Rostan Pasha mosque

Built by the Ottoman architect Sinan.

Riding two old, yellow dolmushes

They returned to the hotel near Galata tower

Saying “Guleh Guleh!” to the drivers

And hearing “Bon Voyage!” in response.

There, on the balcony

They saw their Mother of Mothers with white hair

Sleeping in her wheelchair in the moonlight

Dreaming of her lost son in Persia.

May 22, 2011
Persian original

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