What the FBI thinks of Iranians (As revealed by report on MEK)

Scrolling through the November 2004 FBI report on how to interview MEK members, I found several amusing opinions about Iranians. Here are some of them, along with a brief commentary on each:

FBI: MEK members are Iranian. They are “Persians” not Arabs. The fundamentally would be insulted to be called an Arab. They speak Farsi not Arabic. They tend to be aristocratic in their view of Middle Eastern history. Iranians tend to see themselves as members of a higher race with roots in ancient empires that date back thousands of years.”

Comment: Somewhat true, but if the Iranian is too insulted, you have probably captured a monarchist not an MEK member. Please release him/her immediately; Monarchists are not on the US terrorist list.

FBI: Explaining that the interviewer is of a very high rank is an honor to the interviewee.

Comment: Bulls eye! Mention that you were flown in from Washington especially for him, because lower rank agents aren’t smart enough.

FBI: Iranians are very emotional people. Time should be spent to show interest in the individual and to establish an emotional bond…due to the Iranian emotional mind [the bond] tends to be magnified or exaggerated.

Comment:  OK, but taarof some chaii at this stage or forget about “magnified” or “exaggerated” bonding.

FBI: MEK members though fully indoctrinated are still Iranian and will always be looking to make a deal.

Comment: 100% score on this one.

FBI: The situation is very analogous to the Italian mafia in which a “made man” of a La Cosa Nostra Family is very important and though individuals in the organization may be soldiers for a “made man” the interviewer may not view himself as a [MEK] member or “made man.”

Comment: Don’t forget “made woman.” The Rajavione family is mostly run by Maryam.

FBI: There is no need to inform the detainee of the true nature of the interview.

Comment: Excellent! If you told him the truth he’ll take you for a sap.

FBI: Male interrogators should never touch women interviewees.

Comment: It may interest you to know that the IRI manual says the interrogating agent should not hesitate to rape the detainee.  

FBI: If a male interviewee attempts to hold the hand of the male interviewer this is a good sign than an emotional bond has been established and should not be discouraged.

Comment: Wrong! If he tries to hold your hand, it is a good sign that you have captured a gay MEK member.

Here’s a statement in the FBI document where I find no irony or humor:

FBI: One area that may be used to help interviews would be to work on the natural parental instinct of those MEK fighters whose children have been removed from them.

Comment: The FBI document explains, “The MEK practices daily “cult like” activity to include daily confessions in front of their peers…dissolution of marriages, and removal of children from parents… fighters are separated from their children who are sent to Europe and brought up by the MEK Support Network. Investigation has learned that these children are then further indoctrinated into the organization and are often used for various social benefit fraud such as was revealed during joint FBI/Cologne Police Department investigation in Germany.”

In other words the MEK used their own children as part of a fundraising scheme by taking them away from their parents in Camp Ashraf to the rich socialist countries of Europe where welfare checks could be collected on them.

Here’s the complete text of the November 2004 FBI report on the MEK.

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