Netanyahu Panics When Folks Like Kathy Kelly Come to Visit Palestine by Sea or By Air

Allegations of Israel’s blockade of West Bank were proven to be exactly what Israel’s critics claim.

(CHICAGO) – When the Israeli government discovered
that a large contingent of American and European activists were coming
to visit Palestine, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went into his full
military stance.

He made one huge mistake. He forgot to ask: What is the
enemy’s goal? If he had asked himself that question, he would have
known that the overarching purpose of the flotilla and the flytilla was
to drawn attention to the harsh and ugly reality that Israel maintains
absolute military control over the lives of Palestinians living under
occupation in Gaza and the West Bank.

Did he not know, could he not have realized, what a
burden it is for the New York Times to cover up the harsh and ugly
reality of occupation when Israel so dramatically shuts its doors to
anyone it brands as “pro-Palestinian”?

In its report on the airport blockade, The Times was
forced to use a headline that said the visitors were blocked from
attending a “conference” in Bethlehem. That did not come out very well
for Netanyahu. The Israeli line was that the visitors were blocked
because they were a threat to Israeli security. Both the Times an… >>>

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