Ten signs you don’t mind Islamists staying in power

Top ten signs you don’t mind Islamists staying in power:

1- You hate monarchy more than anything

2You hate MKO cult more than monarchy

3- You hate American “imperialism” more than MKO

4- You hate admitting 79 Revolution was wrong

5- You hate the nutty neocons & sellout Democrats

6- You are a capitalism hating latte-sipping lefty demagogue

7- You are willing to wait out the Islamists however long and as many Iranians as it takes, from the comfort and safety in the sane world of course

8- You are a nuke patriot; Israel got it, why not Islamists in Iran

9- You are a true believer in reformability of all tyrants, excluding the late Shah of course

And finally, Your Highness does not believe Iranians back in Iran are ready, capable and even deserving of democracy, it is a long-term learning process taking no less than millennia.

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