Buying the house in the USA is losing all your money and all your down payment.



I am trying to explain for the people how they can lose here their money by buying real estates. The system here is against middle class and they try to destroy them. Here are some examples. Only the rich people who can offer expensive attorneys can get their right. The normal people should be robbed and be quite. They say it is a free country and they can robe other people and nobody care. The police system and the insurance system are useless and the courts are so expensive that they want more money as you lost. Also the attorneys want a lot of money before they start. So the little people are forced to forget their difficulties and robbing occurred to them. Only if they cannot survive any more they start to speak, but the system make the people so indifferent that nobody will listen to the victims.     Here is one example from the USA society concerning to buy a house and rent it? Buying the house in the USA is losing all your money and all your down payment.  Dear Iranian friend, to buy house in the USA is destroying your capital and it is not in Iran, the price of the houses going down, the interest rate is high and with the time you will lose all you capital.  I write here one example.  I hope you will understand that the situation is not like in Iran. The bank will force you to take the loan and in Iran the banks do not give any loan to the regular people.  

I know if a house is very new and painted and cleaned very professionally and is a very good condition, is rented faster. And I know if you ask very cheaper than market, you can rent fast also. We together fixed the price. For Lacebark I have to pay over 4000 per month for mortgage and insurance.  For Lehman also the condition was about the same. Plus repair, cleaning and buying materials which have been stolen.  I have to pay even for silcox over 1300 to the bank and I paid over 15,000 for the repair. Because as the people moved out, a family came and wanted to rent the house for 1800 and was willing to pay six months in advance. They gave me a check also.  I have 60,000 dollars check that the people did not pay and I am looking for an attorney to cash them. Insurance company should pay for water damage and other damages, they did not pay, the attorney that I hired for the case did not do a serious job?  The police did not got after the people who robbed my house four times.  In reality I did not buy the houses for renting, I bought them for a boarding school, the occupational license is cancelled and I am trying to sue them. I installed lamps, irrigation, fence, gate lights for the boarding school, not for private people. I hope you can understand my situation and I know also, that the problem to mentioned, but if I do not say at beginning, later they found out any how and they blame on me. Generally the people are after their own benefits, and the people in Oviedo rented the house for two years, but after five months, they moved out without consulting with me? 
Any way if you want to take your sign it is fine with me. I will try to get good tenants also.  If I did not need any money quickly, or if the houses were really just for rent and paid off, I would let it with you and wait many years until it could be rented. But in my case, I am trying to sue the people who robbed me and insurance company that did not pay me.  I try as you mentioned to modify the houses to the current price and current rate.  
I bought Oviedo for 138,000 dollars and I put 70,000 down payments. I paid in 11 years over 150,000 tax, insurance and mortgage and I paid until now 40,000 for repair. I paid also 260,000 for the house which costs now just 140,000 dollars and I owe the bank still 220,000,  you see to buy a house is not cheap. If I rented a house I paid 150,000 rents, and I had over 100,000 cash in bank, but now I have -120,000 negative capitals.   Please, calculate by yourself and see to rent a house is much better and cheaper.  Yours Amir   The system is destroying the middle class as you may know.  I paid for all these three houses more than 700,000 and I do not have any equity in none of them and all my 300,000 down payment gone.  I forget again to mention another person. A family who bought a house like mine in Lacebark pine Road, for 700,000 recently and did not pay any down payment, pay 6000 for mortgage. I ask 2700 and they showed interest to rent my house and give their house back to the bank. So to buy a house is much more risky and much more expensive than rent a house. This family lives in the same street as my house is.  The system here is opposite than in Middle East, over there the banks do not give any loan or mortgage, and the houses price is going always up and the inflation destroy the cash money in the banks.


Mr Kabo.O.Kabo.


A letter to John Mica, the representative of USA parliament about Unjust in USA 

Dear Mr. John Mica, the respectful representative.


I appreciate your office and your work that you help the people who have no other source of support. I came here about 16 year ago and you and your office Ms. Jane helped me a lot and encouraged me to be a useful person here. After I did my paperwork, I was here college teacher for German, Arabic and Politics and also teacher in Oviedo high school for German and Latin. Some students wanted to be more informed and wanted to learn more. They came to my school to have some private help and classed. But I was living in a sub division and the people in sub division did not like the private classes in my house. I discussed this with the Orange County and they told me, if I buy a house in County and in Agricultural zone, they can provide me occupational license for a boarding school, so I can legally teach my students and they can even live there if they wish. I bought two houses in 13305 Lacebark Pine Road, Orlando, Fl 21832 and   104 20 Lehman Road, Orlando Fl 32825 and in both houses they students can work, learn and live. I had two farms for them and I built cages for chicken, and other animals, I planted myself over 1000 citrus trees and the house had also pond for growing fish. With the help of Northland church I helped also the boys and girls who were on drug and they had support from the church and changed to good serious students. In this way I helped a lot of boys and girls, young people who had problems. But what is my reward as a teacher who is now 68 years old and worked forty years as a teacher and college instructor.  My boarding school is destroyed, because the zoning department of Orange County made a mistake, they should not give me an occupational license at all, but they did and I lost all my money time, and energy? Is it fair?  They made a mistake and I should be punished for their mistake.  


In the country like USA that is against dictatorship and unjust how they let me be destroyed.  After they cancelled my occupational license, I had no other choice to rent the building and eight acres land to regular people. It was designed for a boarding school and not for a family. They destroyed the boarding, took my materials and damaged the buildings. They did not pay me the rent and I have more than 50,000 dollars checks which is not paid by people, they run away and destroyed my buildings. If the zoning department did not give me the occupational license, I would stay as a teacher or sub teacher and I did not have so many problems.  The people did not pay rent, I have to pay the court and wait few months until I get the eviction, so the people had time enough to damage the house and take my belonging, because the police would not interfere, because to destroy a house is a civil matter. Five times my building are damaged by people and robbed by the pennants and for the police it is fine and does not matter. It is a civil case.


The water damaged my house for about 50,000 dollars and insurance company Liberty Mutual which collects money for many years did not pay the damages. They paid just for one week a company to dry the house, after that they said it was just a leak. With other words they robbed me, too. How can a leak damage the whole house in few days? I hired an attorney to sue them, but the attorneys here are too relax and they are like the police and they are more comfortable and do not bother themselves. I know eight languages and I can teach them, I pass a lot of interview and exams to be teacher even in Afghanistan or Iraq as a consultant or translator, but the US army does not clear me, because I have so many loans and cannot pay them?  Because of the mistake of Orange County Zoning department I lost over 800,000 dollars. And because insurance company did not pay me, I lost over 100,000 dollars, plus I could not rent the buildings for many months.  Is it fair that the insurance companies gathered money and in the time that the house is damaged, they try to find an excuse and not pay?  I have to pay, but people who owe me money they do not pay and even the banks do not give their telephone that I call them? 


The people rented houses from me for two years after few months; they left the house and left a damaged house for me back. They do not respect their own signature for the lease, and the Orange County Zoning department also does not respect for their signature and they are not willing to help me and pay their mistake. I need a good attorney to help me, but they want a lot of money Ab front. I am robbed and how can I pay them? The price of the building are 50 to 60% down and so many houses next to me are foreclosed or short seller very cheap and the new owner of these houses can rent them very cheap, so I cannot competent with them. They pay for the same house 60% cheaper that the bank wants from me. They pay 1000 mortgage, I have to pay 3000 dollars, they pay 2% interest, and I have to pay 9.5 and 6.5 % interest. I paid about 1,0 00,000 for the buildings and I put a I spent over 800,000 for the improvement and extra materials I installed in the building, so in reality they should cost like in the past over 1800,000 dollars, but they cost just 700,000 dollars now. I paid the bank over 240,000 cash down payment and I paid in these 11 years about 500,000 dollars to the bank as interest mortgage, taxes and insurance. So I paid about 740,000 dollars plus six years work. I planted myself over 1000 citrus trees. If the bank short sells the houses, can get only 500,000 dollars, I repaired the houses and maintain them. Generally the houses which are foreclosed are completely damaged, I repaired and maintained them that mean all my money over 7400,000 will be given to the third person as a gift and the bank does not modify the houses, my business boarding and my residence for me? The bank of America is not willing with the current rate and current price. They cannot get more money if they short sell the buildings. They just destroy all my capital I put in the boarding school and my residence. With other words, my saving for forty years will be destroyed, because the band does not cooperate with me and will give my capital to the third person? I cannot also be hired, because I have bad credit, and I have bad credit, because the people and insurance companies robbed me? Is it just? The people robe me and I get the punishment. Is it fair after forty years work as a college teacher I lose all of my saving, because of the mistake of the government and robbing?   Is it not over cruelty that is happening to me? The people robe and make mistake, and I get the rewards? 


I know all the languages in the Middle Eastern countries; I know their culture, religions and problems. USA spent three trillions for Afghanistan and I am expert for that area and sitting at home, because I owe loans to the bank and the collateral price is lower than what bank wants. Is that my fault that the prices are lower? Is that my fault that I trusted Orange County Zoning, insurance companies, and people?


I have checks the people do not pay me, I paid the insurance companies, they just collect money for years, but they are not willing to pay the damages. The attorneys are greedy and will be hired by big companies, and not by me? The big companies have attorneys and the go after the people who owe the companies and I do not have the same chance. The attorney will a lot of money ab front, which I do not have so I have to forget about the just and law in the USA? I have been persecuted in Iran, because my mother was Bahai, so I lost my family, my job and my country and friends, the Moslem friend of mine and my Bahai family misused my situation and robbed me first. But at that time I was young and could survive and start the life from zero point, now I am old and it is not possible for me to start the life from zero again and again. The people rented my house but they did not respect their contract and left the house whenever they loved and left a damaged house back for me. I cannot over come all these cruelties which had happened to me. I am willing to work as I can teach eight languages. I am willing to cooperate with bank of America, if they will be logical and consider the current situation. I hope there is a way for in the government that can help me? I you cannot pay the attorney, you should be destroyed completely, is it just and fair? Only the rich people who can pay expensive lawyer can enjoy the law here in the USA?    The people who cannot offer the attorney should forget about just and their stolen capitals? Is it the Just in the USA that allows the people who cannot pay attorneys, be completely demolished and destroyed?


 Yours Nasser Ali G.


The documents are attached.



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