ISRAEL: Is the Arab Spring spreading to the Jewish state?

When the protest for affordable housing began, some dismissed the campaign as a “Woodstock” of college kids on vacation. By the time Saturday night rolled around, tens of thousands demonstrated in Tel-Aviv and what started as a students’ summer protest became a nationwide push for change and a political headache for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A few months back, citizens’ protests targeted the pricing of specific commodities like gasoline, water and cottage cheese. Now, protest is everywhere. Students are camping out in the streets in tents. Dairy farmers are blocking roads with cows. , the head of Israel’s medical association is . The latest is a Facebook call not to show up for work on Aug. 1.

Israel’s economy is strong, the public is constantly told; the country has money, the economy is growing.

Then why is everyone angry? First of all, because t… >>>

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