Iran is number one in…most, best, worst…


Foreign refugees population:
3 million Afghans as of 2010.
5 million average over 30 years.

Largest Islamic Banking Center (consistent with Sharia)

$235.5 billion. No rebaa I suppose.

Energy Insensity (Energy consumption per unit GDP)

2.5 time Middle East average. Proof that Aryans are 2.5 times superior to Arabs, just as it says in Cyrus’ pyramid.

Oil resereve to production ratio (how many years of oil we have left if we continue to pump at our current annual rate—we won’t, but if we did)
89.4 years. Don’t worry, by then we’ll have at least one nuclear reactor in operation.

Deadliest blizzard in history.
February 1972 some places got 8 meters of snow in one week. About 4000 people died. Some villages had no survivors.

Number of deadliest earthquakes by country.

Shares #1 rank with China. 9 of the world’s most deadly earthquakes happened in Iran.

Highest number of earthquakes  at 5.5 Richter and above.

Iran is almost its own tectonic plate, but that’s a different blog.

Intensity of natural background radiation.
Annual dose of 260 mSv in parts of Ramsar. Amazingly, no ill effects. average US dose=3 mSv. Chest X-ray= 7 mSv.


Hottest place on planet.
70.7 degrees C (159 F). Chaaleh Markazi e Dasht e Kavir

List expensive capital city.
Tehran (according CNN. Note mispelling of “least”)

Largest oil gusher in history:
Qom 1956. 125,000 barrels per day for three months, wasted. If Mossadegh had won in 1953 this wouldn’t have happened for all sorts of reasons.

Opiate addiction.
1999 figures, 2.8% of population. By now, we probably have no addicts in Iran; they disappeared with our gays.

Percent babies immunized for, diphteria, pertusis, tetanus, hepatitis…all kinds of things.
99% of babies immunized says the UN. Kudos!

Expectation of lost healthy years at birth (female)
12.5 years. I think this means Iranian women lose this many years of their total life in bad health. Iran has the worst ranking in the world for some reason. Some ayatollahs may say Iranian women are just more ghor ghori.

Oldest country in the world.
Egypt? China? Has to do with when the people of a country consider themselves as having unified. We seem to agree we’ve been one people, Iran, for 3500 years. Dunno!

Oldest artificial water reservoir.

Gonabad qanats goes back 2700 years. Still in use! Business idea for LA Iranians. Hint: a bottle of Perrier costs about $1.50.

Sovereign Jewel collection.
Crown Jewels. Doesn’t say what percent was looted from India.


Highest number of capitals in history.
Seat of  government asbaab keshi: 35 times.

Most accurate solar calendar in use.
Thanks or Omar Khayaam et al. Our Jalaali calendar is named after Jalaal al din Malekshah e Saljoughi. That’s how we know he died in 1092 exactly.

Largest ancient empire:
Achaemenids in 480 BC were the largest empire in ancient history. 14th largest in all of history. But, Aryans, hang on for the good news…

…Largest empire by percentage of world population.

Aryans can relax now. The Achaemenids ruled over 44% of the world population in their time. If the Achaemenids were around today, Iran would have a population of 3 billion and this website would have 40 times more hits.

Total duration of empires by country.

Iran has the most number of years ruling as an empire in history.

Largest producers of handmade carpets.

Reserve of zinc (rooy).
For zinc batteries and mixing with copper to make brass. And other things, white paint for example.

Most afflicted country by chemical and biological warfare.
In the history of mankind! Iran’s civilian population is also the first victim of chemical weapons in history. Estimated 100,000 civilian and military dead. Estimated 100,000 injured. Today Iran is at the forefront of treatment sciences for chemical injuries. Since chemical and biological weapons are WMDs, Iran ranks #2 behind Japan as the country most afflicted by WMD attack. One reason a nuclear weapons program is an easy sell to the Iranian population–not that anyone has tried to sell it to them.

Most Shias in the world.

I could have told you that!

Science and technology growth rate.
1000% increase between 1995 and 2004. Not sure how they get this. 


Highest brain drain by country.

I take that back; this is how we got most of our 1000%. The rest we got by jailing the brains that didn’t drain properly.



See this wikipedia article to also find out where Iran is in second place or lower. Many thanks to the wikipedia compilers of this information. All errors are their fault, but I’ve tried to correct some errors and if my corrections are in error then those errors are my fault.

And yes, according to the Health Institute Metrics and Evaluation Iran has the highest death rate resulting from road traffic accidents. See if these figures make sense for 2005: 12,753 in cars, 9084 pedestrians, 5398 motorcyle. But quote at your own risk because others give first place award to Afghanistan where cars sometimes have accidents with RPGs coming from the other direction. Ethiopia, chad, Namibia, etc are also world class competitors.

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