Norway: Muslims as metaphors, part 2

[In the first part of this article, I discussed the blaming of Muslims for terror attacks, and the neo-conservative conflation of Muslims and the Left.]

What we are witnessing in this transfusion of the Left and the Muslim is only one critical element in the constitution of the Muslim as a menacing metaphor. The systemic machination behind the demonisation of Muslims as a menace to humanity is not limited to a Neoconservative and Zionist operation. When it comes to Muslims as epitome of evil, the list in fact swings all the way from the Right to the Left. The anxiety of identifying the Muslim with the Left is the anxiety of the enemy within. But when we catch the Left itself using the Muslim as a metaphor of banality and terror then we are onto something far deeper in the inner anxiety of the thing that calls itself “the West”.

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