Nuclear assassinations belie Zionist desperation

“…Pakistan needs to be extra careful, at home as well as in its
diplomatic overtures to its neighbors. The Israelis will not countenance
Washington “giving” Saudi Arabia any kind of nuclear technology, not
the least after Obama’s obsequious call for a nuclear-free world. The
new calculation in Washington is that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal would
be far safer in Saudi hands — a lifelong friend of Tel Aviv and
Washington, and a lifelong obstacle to Islamic self-determination. If
Pakistan willingly or surreptitiously gives the Saudis any nuclear
capability after the Saudis hang a suite of carrots in front of it to
relieve it of its economic and endemic energy problems, then Pakistan
will be immediately ravaged by the “international community” as the king
of rogue nations.”

Imagine a Muslim government popping off American and Israeli
scientists because these were perceived to be a threat to the Islamic
state and further imagine that this had been going on for the better
part of several decades. Imagine if Robert Oppenheimer (1904– 1967) and
Edward Teller (1908–2003) were killed right before they could complete
their work on creating the first nuclear device of mass destruction.
Would any of the victim governments tolerate such a violation of their
sovereignty and of the human rights of their citizens? Woul… >>>

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