Korea’s mark on an expectation-defying Iran

TEHRAN ― For Koreans, Iran is quite an interesting country where Korean-made electronics goods and automotive products have carved out a significant market share and Korean dramas have gained enormous popularity.

Unlike the general expectations, anti-American sentiment was not prevalent among most people here. Those in the political circles, however, apparently bear grudges against the U.S., which has long maintained economic sanctions against the country for pursuing nuclear technology that Washington suspects is intended to make weapons of mass destruction.

During a weeklong press tour, organized by the Iranian government last month, a South Korean media contingent was able to get a first-hand look at Iranian culture and society, which have not been well-known to the world, probably because of international isolation over its nuclear program.

Looking at street banners and billboards that advertised South Korean products, the nine journalists could feel the strong presence of South Korea in this Middle East nation.

Electronic appliances manufactured by LG and Samsung were everywhere. Hyundai and Kia are also performing well in the country’s automotive market.

“Korean electronics companies have ranked first or second in the Iranian market. The import sanctions on products made in the U.S. might have affected the sales of the Korean products here, although it is true that the quality of Korean merchandise is very high,… >>>

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