The West Cannot Afford A Fully Independent Iran

Iranicum: Miss Shafaie, the EU-Council recently added the EIH Bank in Hamburg to their sanctions list, although the German finance authorities BaFin and the Bundesbank never assessed any violation of the EIH against existing sanctions. What was your first impression of this decision by Brussels?

Shafaie: I was of course saddened but by no means surprised to hear about this. Certain members of the EU seem to have acted in a predictable way once again to punish Iran, and by extension innocent Iranian and EU citizens, for a crime that has not yet been committed, based on the false pretext that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weaponisation program. Moreover, there has never been any evidence supporting such allegations against Iran’s nuclear program, most importantly by the US (under the pressure of Israel), the UK, France and Germany. The power, right and responsibility to assess the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program lies only with the IAEA; and IAEA has confirmed time and again that Iran is enriching uranium only to the levels it has stated and more importantly that no declared nuclear material has ever been diverted to military use in Iran. This very important fact has been most recently stated (and admitted to) by six former European ambassadors to Iran namely Dalton (UK), Hohwü-Christensen (Sweden), Von Maltzahn (Germany), Metten (Belgium), Nicoullaud (France) and Toscano (Italy) in their collective piece called “Iran is not in breach …

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