Fire in Cinema Rex in Abadan – crime of century.

It was a hot summer night in 1978 as I was driving from the city of Rasht toward Tehran. The breeze of Caspian sea was stimulating  my cheeks creating sense of joy and happiness. All of the sudden I heard the shocking news from state radio about Cinema Rex in Abadan. The news was about 500 children and families who were burned to the ashes inside Cinema. Apparently, some people set a fire and locked the doors from outside so no one could escape. People inside turned to the ashes in about 2 hours. The first thing came to my mind  “Who did it”? Just few days after incident, the rumors spread around Tehran. The rumors were blaming Shah and his secret police S.A.V.A.K. Mullah’s propaganda machine was working 24/7 sending flyers all over blaming shah for that horrible crime saying shah wanted to make oppositions look bad so he burned Cinema by his secret police S.A.V.A.K. I was incensed at shah. Kayhan news papers published picture of the families who were outraged and angry at shah at it’s front page. Cinema Rex fuel the flame of the revolution and brought thousand and thousand people to the streets. it was outrages and tramatic experience that shocked our nation in those days. Message to shah and his administration was crystal clear…” Mekosham, Mekosham an keh baradaram kosht”….means, “I will kill whoever killed my brother”. I decided to fight with shah’s regime till the end so I took an active part in the revolution. One day, I found myself laying down on the ground in the front of the Tehran university. The army bullets were constantly traveling over my head. I would have taken chance to get shot if I wanted to get up. I was like a frozen corpse. I still have flash back from that day. I was about to get killed.

Years later, we learned that was mullah’s trick. They mater minded the plan and blamed it on Shah.  I  was also a victim of mullah’s propaganda and I was about to lose my life for that. What a big mistake our nation did. The whole revolution was hoax and deception.

Just few months ago the monkey who calls himself “Iran president” had a speech in U.N. He was blaming the U.S for master minding 9/11. As I was listening to his speech,  I started to laugh. “The same trick this criminal gang used 33 years ago to defeat shah’s gov” I whispered to myself. Now, they are using for American people. Back then it was Cinema Rex in Abadan versus Iranian government. Now it is Twin Tower versus American government. Back then they killed about 500 innocent people. Now they killed thousands. But there is one big difference, back then audiences was Kocholoo Siavash, now audiences are westerners.  It worked back then and I was naively betrayed., but this time the audience is not Koochooloo siavash, they are westerners. Much smarter. They won’t buy this nonesense.

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