Come On USA – No More Pussyfooting With The Islamic Republic

If anyone in the U.S. government is reading this, I have a few words of advice for you.  Look guys, the Islamic Republic cannot be reasoned or negotiated with.  Its core is made up of a clusterfuck of revolutionaries, terrorists, messianic religious zealots and mafia type, conniving fucks.  These people will never “negotiate” anything with you.  You will have as much of a chance in getting a “grand bargain” with these lunatics as you will in reaching a comprehensive an agreement on abortion with Pat Robertson.  So, enough with the pussyfooting and being fooled by its lobby and paid agents on  The only language that the IR understands is that of violence and retribution.  Because that is how it operates.  You have to talk to it in its own language.  So, here’s what you need to do folks:

Not only de-list the MEK, but arm and fund it.  Hell, give them F-16s and M-1 Abrams tanks.  Sure, they’re a bunch of lunatic terrorist Islamo-communists themselves who are hated by the majority of Iranians. But we’re in the revenge and tit-for-tat game, right?  If yes, this is the ONLY way to respond.  The IR has been funding, arming and training terrorists against the U.S., right?  You should return the favor by doing the same to the IR.  Remember the Marine barracks in Beirut?  You know who planned and executed that, right?  Remember the whole hostage thing?  That actually brings me to my next point.  Send a few FBI guys and clean out the whole IR spy nest in Washington, DC that they call their “interest section.”  Take all those clowns hostage and demand that Hassan Nasrollah be sent to the U.S. to stand trial for his involvement in the terrorist attacks against the U.S.  And while you’re holding them hostage, get some good use out of them.  Strip those fat bastards naked and have them do cage fights with one another, and then broadcast it on pay per view, with the proceeds going to some kind of a charity, like an animal rescue shelter. 

That’s how you deal with these IR goons.  Give me a break with “extending [your] hand” and the “clinched fist.”  Who do you think you’re dealing with?  Human beings?!!  Trust me, you try my method and in no time they will soften up and start bending over like you have never seen it before.      

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