Dear Mr. President Bribes and corruption in the West, USA, Middle East and the third world

Dear Mr. President  Bribes and corruption in the West, USA, Middle East and the third world The greedy people rob the whole world and destroy the lives of other people, the Middle Class and Poor’s. I have this feeling that the West and USA will really work for the democracy of the happiness of third world and Middle East. The black gold was until now just negative source for our people in the Middle Easter countries, you can see just in a lot of examples. Like Gadhafi, Saddam or others what they did with our people. In the name of fighting with the Imperialists, Communists or others isms and different school of Islamic religions they robe and destroyed their so called own countries and their own people. They killed people because those people were different than them and they think differently or they were not their puppets. Even in Darfur the fifteen present Arabs named Janjavies wanted to kill fifth eighth present of other black Africans.

And the world was quiet and saw how they kill and rapes the people who have no support and are different than them. In the Libya is the same and the people are just there for their fun, the leaders think that they are something holly and important than other normal people ,and a nice girl from Benghazi was in TV and she told that fifteen people of Gadhafi had ripped her and she had been taken to a car and the people took her away and did with here what they wanted? You see that the people are so desperate in the third world ,even they come on the street to be killed, because they fed up. And now the world knows that the leaders of the third world are crazy, idiot or too greedy and they do not have any human feeling any more. They kill the people, because they want to be on the top for a few years more. They do not want to be four years or 10 years leader, they want to be leader for ever and after them, they want that their sons be leader again? 

 With other words democracy is very difficult to be established in the third world. The Media is controlled by the huge companies and very rich powerful people. I heard Mr. Obama wanted to increase the tax of the people who have more than 250,000 dollars per year and the Media said that is not fair and this is a little amount and the people who earn this amount a year are almost poor? Later they wanted to increase the tax of the teacher and again the Media said the teacher’s income is sixty thousand 60,000 dollars per month and they should pay more taxes. With other words, the Middle Class people should be poorer, but the richer class should stay the same or get richer. You know that in the USA one person can spend for just one day party ten millions dollars and this person should have a lot of other millions in the banks, but a man in the same position and with the same qualification, after forty year’s work as a university instructor has not even 1000 dollar positive capital in his name. Whatever he has belong to the banks. If really two person with the same qualification and work experience, one should have millions of dollars cash positive money and the other one should have negative capital. Is it fair and just? A lot of leaders of the third world save money and put them in the West countries banks, in the hope they can use this billions of dollars which are all robbed from the poor people, use for their own fun and luxury life here or there, and it is clear that the banks do not give all these monies back to them if they have trouble with their own countries, with other words they robbed indirectly these money from the poor people of third world. And the monies will be taken probably by the bank’ owners. 

 I heard that Reza Shah had over two hundred millions dollars sixty years ago which it should be equivalent to two hundred billions dollars now, where is this money? His grandson told in the TV that the money they got form the Shah heritage was about 62 millions of dollars, where is the rest. So many other dictators or leaders of the third world robbed a lot of money and this money is disappeared in the West? Gadhafi bought the best weapons from the West with the oil money of his country, and he put also over 30 billion dollars in one of your bank, which is a now frozen. And the real owners of this money got bombs on their heads? In reality the West is taking the money by the false leaders or dictators and the people who should have this money for the education, and welfare do not get it. Also the other people who are not so important in the government come to the West, because over there they have problem with the system. They are also robbed one time by their system and one time by your system. Which is not fair? I will just take one example for you in my article, but I know more examples. Ali J T was persecuted in Iran, because his mother was Baha’i and because he helped his Moslem friend, the Moslem friend misused his position and with bribe to the employees in the Ministry of Just ;as he said later, tried to delay his document evaluation ,and so he could misuse the high inflation in Iran.

The Just system in Iran, because the interest is forbidden, does not count the interest and with the inflation of 20% present per year, it is clear that Ali would be the loser. Ali lost seven year of his life to be in the Ministry of Just and at the end they gave right to him , but with 20% inflation and after seven years, it is clear that his capital was gone and he got a little present of his real capital back. The indifferent or cruel Judge system in Iran did not listen and act justly. Ali trusted his own Baha’i family, they did the same thing to him and told him, he can go and claim against them? First they were loving people and after they got his trust; they did the same thing to him as his Moslem friend. Ali who lost almost his capital sends some of remained capital to his family in the USA the family was also Baha’i and they thought, maybe he cannot come here and will be killed in Iran and if he can come here, he cannot get the visa and stay or work here. So in the time he came here, the man said, do not come to us, if you come we will call the police and they will take you to the jail? Ali tried to have some help from the government, but he should hire an attorney and he/she wanted a lot money ab front  of for this job. Ali was shocked and he saw that because he was persecuted as Baha’i in Iran, his Moslem friends and Baha’i family misused his situation and both Baha’is and Moslems robbed him. He tried to write to the Baha’i assemblies, but this action made his Baha’i family more angry and furious and they also advertise against him and have back biting him also. But he tried and got university instructor here in USA.

He had PhD and a lot of experience as a teacher. A lot of students wanted to learn with him privately in his house, but his house was in sub division and the home owners did not like to have a lot of car and or classes in the sub division. He went to the Orange County to solve the problem, they told him, if he buys house with acres and in the County, they will give him occupational license so the student can live with him and also learn. He bought two big houses in the county, Orange County, and make them as a boarding school, put fenced and install also irrigations, lights and a lot of fruits trees everywhere, he spent a lot of extra money for the boarding school, because he trusted the County and bought new furniture for rooms. He arranged a very nice boarding school with fully furnished rooms, with TV, telephone, desk, bed and refrigerators. He planted over 1000 citrus trees and other fruit trees and build also cages for chicken and other animals, so the students could have organic food and produce eggs, vegetable and even milk, they could work and learn and live there in a save place. Generally the government and churches should help him, as the students got degree and work later and pay taxes, instead of going to jail or be addicted? His reward war that his business should be destroyed by the Orange County?  A lot of boys and girls who could not pay a lot of rent, they there and worked there. The school and boarding worked for three years, but after three years, the neighbors claimed and the code enforcement came there. Ali showed them the occupational license and he thought everything is fine. But they cancelled the occupational license and told him, they made a mistake and they should not give such license to him at all.

Ali told them, you made mistake, why I should be punished for your mistake; they told him, he can rent the houses to the regular people. Ali said but the regular people do not pay for the extra material I installed here and it has been designed fora boarding school. Now he looked rich with such a boarding school and the people who came there to rent rooms or house took his furniture and did not pay also the rent. He should go to the court and pay court and sheriff to force them out of buildings But it takes time until the paperwork is done and the tenants have enough time to still and destroy whatever they liked. Four times his building is destroyed and damaged by the angry people who thought he is rich and they are poor and have right to rob him. The water also damaged the house and insurance company did not pay him also. They just paid to a company to dry the carpets for one week and after that they told him, it was just leak. An attorney took the case to sue the insurance company, but until now nothing is happened. So insurance company is actually a collecting money company and is robbing the people in the name of insurance company. Because of the mistake of Orange County zoning department, Ali lost all his capital and his life is  completely destroyed. An attorney told him, she can get his license back, but she charges 200 dollars per hour for her activities. In Middle East you give the bribes and here you should give money to the attorney, because the government employees made mistake.

 He should pay a lot of money to the attorney?   What is the difference, in both side you are robbed. They think you are printing money at home. A boarding school generally is supported by government or churches and not to be damaged by them. Ali wrote to all government agencies, all of them including the police were useless. It is OK for them as a person is completely destroyed by the mistake of Orange County. The Orange County people are not men and real women that they should think and say, we make mistake and we pay for it , they are also cruel like Gadhafi and destroy the people in other form. You see there is no humanity, in the Middle East; they persecute you, because you mother is Baha’i and the Moslem friends and Baha’i family robe you and here they make a mistake and they feel themselves not responsible for the mistake and they say go and sue us. You see there is in reality no difference between Gadhafi and this people; both of them are indifferent and cruel. And both of them misusing the situation of the world which there   is not a real law and Just and the people are cruel or indifferent. As long as the people are not human, we will have the same problem. Is it fair that they make mistake and Ali is losing all his capital which is over 800,000 dollars? He is a victim of their mistake and as he cannot pay, he got a bad credit and cannot be hired, too.

Is it right that other people made mistake and he should be punished for their mistake. Soon the bank will take the rest what he has, the price of the houses came down and the government speaks about modification, but the bank wants the same money and the same interest rate. The value of the building is over fifty present off and the bank does not understand this, even the rate of rent is lower, but the bank does not care. You see there is no different between Gadhafi as a crazy dictator and cruel people here who destroy other people life and do not care. What is the difference between Unjust here and there? If the system robbed the whole capital of a person with force or with paperwork, in both cases, theperson is destroyed. I hope one day we can work for Just and the people will not misuse like robots. The religions, nationalities and races continue to destroy the people and nobody is seeing that next victim can be he or she. You see the life in the USA is so difficult that two children of the King of Persian also killed themselves. What does it mean? If they kill themselves with a lot of possibilities, how the normal people can survive, if they want to be honest? I hope one day the people like Gadhafi who are everywhere be punished for their actions. Dear Mr. President as a consultant and college teacher for over thirty years of work and experiences in seven different countries.

I will say that the just system here is not fair. If you have no money to pay the attorneys, you have no right here. The house of Ali is five times robbed by people, the insurance companies and the police did not do any positive action. How can he survive? He has a lot of checks and the people do not pay him, how can he pays his bill? The insurance companies gathered years money , and in the time he need help, they ignore him? With these entire problems do you think that USA is a land for just? I doubt it? The people are indifferent and cruel and the just system is only for rich people and not for the people who are robbed and have no money to pay the expensive attorneys.  A college teacher had in Florida 14 dollars per hour and a young attorney wants 200 dollars per hour? Is it just? What is the different between Gadhafi, Saddam and the people who robe Ali here? All of them are cruel and indifferent.  In the hope that, we can build a better world with help of each other?  I do not know if as a president of a powerful country do you have any influence to stop this unjust or nobody is responsible for all these cruelties and unjust.     Yours Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi


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