The “notorious” poet Ferdowsi

A while ago, a woman presenter on Press TV, walking on stage with a lot of eshveh, spoke of the ‘infamous Shahnameh’.

She had probably thought ‘infamous’ meant very famous, just as ‘invaluable’ means very valuable. Presumably, no one else at the English-language station knew the meaning of the word either.

Now the English-language opposition website, Lenziran, based in the West, is displaying a short video broadcast on Iranian TV with the title, ‘The notorious poet Ferdowsi in a satire animation about Iranian TV’.

There is no hint of irony anywhere in the introduction. So Lenziran too must have thought that ‘notorious’ means, perhaps, ‘very notable’, with a positive connotation.

The clip is very well-made, funny, and sad. I am personally grateful to Lenziran for running it:

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