A Blow to Irans Democratic Opposition Groups.


Fox News Argues to Remove MeK from the US Terrorist Organization List.

Iran has many democratic poltical groups that are far more popular than the MeK and have never conducted terrorism, these groups have received no support or even encouragement from West.  These are patriotic groups that truly represent people because they have built a relationship of trust with Iranians and Iranians know they will not sell out Iran in the pursuit of Power.

The fear is that, the MeK which has repetidly sold out Iranians in working with foreign governments will do so again in exhange for resources and non Iranian support. The delisting the MeK, will only make one differnce to the MeK, it will enable it to get access to hundreds of millions of dollars of funds to undermine the regime in Iran.  Otherwise it is not important to them, but hundreds of millions of dollars in the hands of the MeK is not good news for Irans democratic opposition groups.

I wonder if other non iranian groups on the terrorist list, like Al-Quaeda, would be removed from the list?  Would the non ranian terrorists also get to have their leadership kept in tact and given access to US governmet funds if they stopped their previous terrorist activities?  If not why, whats so special about Iran?

The fox news article goes to prove that there is powerful bipartisan political forces in the USA, that while saying they are looking to pursue democracy for Iran, are not serious about it and are pursing neocolonialist agendas for iran in place of democratic change.  After the Protests of the Green Movement for democratic reforms and the Obama admnistrations luke warm encouragement of support for the protestors, now they are gettng serious about delisting the MeK, with support even from Fox News.  What message does this send to Iranians Democratic Opposition Groups?  Sorry Guys your oil is far more valuable to America than even the blood in your veins, forget your rights.

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