Below are QUOTES by an anonymous columnist for the Asia Times. Hisreal name was recently revealed as David P. Goldman – a Zionist Jew from New York.  That’s his picture above in between the Rabbi and Hollywood prostitute Heidi Fleiss. 


[ Here’s David P. Goldman’s listing in Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_P._Goldman  ]





“Iranians already behave like a defeated people. That is why they are so unstable, and so dangerous.”


“The Persian prostitute is the camp follower of the jihadi, joined to him in a pact of national suicide.”


“The Iranian whore is the alter ego of the swaggering Iranian jihadi.”


“What is it that persuades women to employ their bodies as an instrument of commerce, rather than as a way of achieving motherhood? It is not just poverty, for poor women bear children everywhere. Iranian whores long have beena scandal in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, which periodically round up and expel them. The proliferation of Iranian prostitutes in Western Europe as well as the Arab world helps explain the country’s population trends.”


Many of the spineless and stupid people are on this site are helping to spread many of these same sorts of negative stereotypes. 


  • Have you no respect? 
  • Have you no courage to stand up to these Zionists? 
  • Do you think your lives in the diaspora will be better as slaves to people with such a mentality?



P.S.  After reading David P. Goldman’s quotes, I concluded his picture looked great in-between the Rabbi on the left and Hollywood prostitute Heidi Fleiss.   

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