In Memoriam, II

A few months ago I wrote a blog in memory of the online martyrs of the Islamic Republic, or the “sacred regime,” as it calls itself.  The blog was dedicated to those who lost their online lives – by being blocked—in service of their paymasters.

I believe that it is time now to remember a couple of more of these online warriors, as there were recently blocked.  I am, of course, referring to (blocked once before as “Shah Gholam”), and BoosBoos.

Now, I know that most reasonable and fair minded people would ask “why should we honor these obnoxious cyber “chomaghdaars” who labeled everyone a “Zionist?’  Why should we memorialize IRI embassy workers from Canada?  Why should we honor paid South Lebanese Hezbollah operatives who pose as Iranians on Persian language internet forums?

My response is this: calm down and think about it objectively.  These people were dedicated.  They signed up under multiple usernames, they manufactured “facts,” they lied, they abused, they even contradicted themselves in the same comment and on the same blog.  Would YOU do that for a salary or a free dish of ghormeh sabzi or a free vacation in Mahmood Abad?  Well, they did, and they did it well.  Do you know how hard it is to connect EVERY negative thing in Iran to Israel (and as we know, the IRI is chuck full of nuts with negativity)?  Do you know how hard it is to close your eyes, and open your mouths and call everyone a “Zionist?”  Well, they did it like it was nothing.  Doesn’t this utmost display of “Shabaan Bi Mokh-ism” deserve some honorable mention?

So, please join me in saying a prayer for these shaheeds of the Islamic Republic.  They will be honored and remembered…until their inevitable return under new usernames!   

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