Ziba Shirazi, “Tell Me Don’t Go”, (بگو نرو)

I just found out that Ziba Shirazi (زیبا شیرازی), singer, songwriter, poet, and storyteller, will be at Back Stage at Central Stage on Friday, September 9th, in Richmond, California; in advance of her performance in Berkeley on Sunday.  Mansour Taeed will be having an up close and personal conversation with her on stage, and a Question and Answer session with the audience to follow.  I adore the way this lady performs, and I’ll be having one hell of a time meeting her up close and listening to her conversation this Friday.

Below is my English translations of another one of her poems.  This one is call “بگو نرو“, or “Tell me Don’t Go“.

O, yeah!  Before I forget, there is supposed to be a surprise performance this Friday.  Hummmmm!  I wonder what it is!

بگو نرو

اگه قهر کردم و گفتم
دارم از خونه میرم
بگو نرو
درو وا کردم و گفتم 
واسه همیشه میرم
بگو نرو
اگه گفتم دیگه دنبالم نیا 
گوشه کنار منو نپا
شب تا سحر چشام بیدار 
برو، تو خواب من نیا

بگو نرو 
پیشم بمون
دوست دارم اینو بدون
اگه ناز کردمو 
با عشوه صدات کردم
یه قطره اشک تو چشمام بود 
یواشکی نیگات کردم
یواشی رامو کج کردم 
یا جای منه یا تو
بداخلاقی و لج کردم 
که جونه منه یا تو
نیگاهی توی چشمام کن
منو عاشق فردام کن
یه جوری التماسم کن 
با گریه‌هات کبابم کن
آخه من رفتنی نیستم
بی تو موندنی نیستم
دلم بید و تو مثل باد
ولی لرزیدنی نیستم

Tell Me Don’t Go

If I pouted and said, I’ve got to go,
If I pouted and said,
I’m leaving home,
tell me don’t go
If I opened the door and said,
I’m leaving for good,
tell me don’t go
If I said, don’t come after me, no more,
don’t come looking for me, no more!
From dusk to dawn, I stay up all night
Stay away!
Don’t come to my dreams

Tell me don’t go!
Stay with me
I love you; know it well
If I acted suave,
called you with allure,
if there was a drop of tear in my eye,
if I slyly looked your way,
slyly changed my way,
If I said, it’s my way, not yours
If I acted stubborn and curt
If I said, it’s my life, not yours,
look into my eyes,
make me love my morrow
Somehow, find it in your heart
Beg me to stay!
Burn me up with your tears,
because, I don’t want to go
Without you I won’t exist
I won’t tremble, and yet,
my heart is like a willow tree,
and you’re the wind

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