Dear Mr. President, please consider the rout of September 11

Dear Mr. President the rout of September 11

Sorrowfully, I do not know to whom should I write, the system ignore me. You said that your government will help the small business so that they can continue to survive. But in my case they did not do it until now. I have a boarding school with a farm, the students can live, work and learn here. I can provide organic food and can create jobs for at least 40 people, but the County and Bank do not cooperate with me. In the time that my boarding school operates, I save a lot of boys and girls, who could be on drug and problem now. But through my help, now they finished the school and are working and paying taxes. Is it my reward that my business should be destroyed, because of the situation?

I opened a boarding school, but since last two years a lot of problems had happened. First the price of the houses and real states goes 50% down and the bank froze all equity line of credits that I have and even did not use them. By this action I have no money to pay for the school costs, and run the farms I provided. I planted over 1000 citrus trees and most of them are dying, because I cannot hire people to keep them alive? I cannot have partners; too, because the price of the business is over 50% lower that I owe the bank, nobody will risk putting his money in this situation? I know eight languages and I can teach them, but in this condition, I cannot use my skills. From one side the school boarding costs less than the money that I spent for it, which is not normal. But the situation is like that. Generally a non profit organization like me should be supported by government or churched or people, I have no support and in other hand I have been punished?

The price is down and the Bank of American does not understand this fact, the rate is low and they do not care. You told that your government will help the small business to survive. And I have a lot of potential, which now is not used. I am citizen, so the system ignores me and do not consider to solve and or negotiate my problems and situation. The Orange County zoning department made a mistake and I have to pay their mistake. They cancelled my occupational license and an attorney says, she can get my permission back if I pay her in advance. She will charge me 200 dollars per hours, how can I pay this money. I am a non profitable organization, that I do not make enough money to pay the bills, how can I pay her? I have to pay for the mistake of Orange County and they do not care that they damage my business and I have a lost over 800,000.00 for their mistake. I rented the houses to regular people, it was designed for a boarding school, so the people thought I ma rich and they did not pay the rent. I have to go to the court system to pay to send them out of the houses. It takes time and money until I get the paperwork for sending them out.

The court system takes time and the people stay free in the house and damaged the house, because they were angry, that I went to the court before the police or Sheriff comes they left the house took what ever they needed and wanted and damaged the house. The water damaged the house ,too and now insurance company just paid for one week to dry the carpets, and they refused to pay. I lost another 200,000.00 dollars for their robbing. I paid many years to them and collected hundred of papers from them, but in the time I need help, they ignored me. I went to different institutes to help me, they referred me to attorneys, an attorney took my case on contingency, but over two years had passed and nothing is happening. I have a lot of checks from the people and they do not pay me. Again attorneys want a lot of money in advance to try to cash my checks. I lost all my saving and all my work for this business. I have no support from the government and they act so indifferently, may be because I am just citizen of the USA. Because of the situation, capital that I have is reduced to more than half, but the bank wants the same capital and the same interest rat. And always treat me with foreclose process. I explain my situation, but it seems they do not care.

I lost over 800,000.00 so I cannot pay the credit cards and the loans in time and in the same condition. The people who owe me money, they do not pay me. There is a chaos here. They do not pay me, but other side call me every five minuet and wants money. It seems they also changed to robots? They repeated the same thing, but they do not listen to me. Now they damaged my credit so I cannot work in other places, too. You see there is no law and just here, the county makes mistake, I have to be punished for their mistake. In this case the weak person, even he/she has no fault should be punished, do you call this just? The insurance companies gathered money from many years and gave me hundred pages, and now I need them they do not pay, they are also cruel and robbers. Do you think that is just? They misuse the system which is indifferent or ignored me? The people used my boarding and did not pay, and again robbed me five times my house. The police cannot do a serious job either. I am s source of income and money for the people, they can robe me and it is fine. Why because I am just citizen? The money which is stolen by the people and the capital which had been gone by the situation are my responsibilities to cover and pay in full, but the people robbed me, destroyed my business and damaged my life; it is fine?

I am punished, because I trusted Orange County zoning department. I am punished because I trusted insurance company, and I ma punished because the people did misused my business and robbed it. In the time that USA will try to guide the world and help the other country that should happened here? I worked more than 30 years as a college teacher and I am 58 years old and I lost everything I had, because of the mistake of Orange County, if they did not give this occupational license, I would stay as college teacher for Arabic, German and political science and or could work as Latin teacher or even sub teacher and I did not have all these problem. Now I lost all my capital, all years that I worked here and the bank will short sell the boarding school cheap to the third person. With other words the bank will give all my capital to the third person, because I am robbed and am a victim. Nobody care and there is no Just here. Sorry, but in this way, we will have more problem here in the USA. The young people need work and securities in other countries and here, I worked so many years and the people and system and insurance companies destroyed my life and nobody care. I tried to be consultant, but because I have so many loans and because the people robbed me, they did not hire me? I do not know how can you call all of these unjust? My boarding school is in eight acres land with possibilities to work; we can grow chicken, fish and produce organic food. I intention was that I should have a safe place for the boys and girls to live, work and learn.

I need partners to run the different part of the school such as fish or chicken business parts. My boarding is close to university and the other one is close to the medical school of UCF or university of central Florida. I helped a lot of boys and girls who have difficulties to find a nice and cheap place to live and I helped them in the college materials to pass their exams. I can also teach languages and GRE or GMAT for international students. That prepares them to pass the M. S. or M. Degree exams. If the school works with full capacity, it can pay all its costs. If I can have motivated and knowledgeable people to work with me, we can produce enough organic food to save a lot of people, as you know the food that we are eating is full of preservers and hormones which make us fatty and sick. Sorrowfully as you know our people have a lot of problems, you may read that they have problems in Greece and other countries. Our youth except the rich ones, have a lot of problems in our countries and in the time that they come in other countries, west or even east to have a better life, they will have new problems. Our rich or super rich people they do not care for our youths in our courtiers and in other countries and they should fight with different problems here.The Western cultures generally do not like us and our cultures, they are polite, but they do not want here. They try in a polite way to ignore us or destroy us. I tried to reduce this hate and help the youth.

But as I told you the system will generally ignore us and push us down so far that we live their countries. And as you know many people do not have possibilities to live and exist in our countries, because they cannot pay the bribes, they do not have proper friends, or they have not money, work or even a proper place to live. As a college teacher I tried to solve these problems, but I have difficulties to run this huge school by myself alone. The schools here are generally supported by government, people or churches or even mosques, but I have not support, in opposite the system brings my insurance, tax and payment higher that I walk away. I planted by myself over 1000 citrus trees in the farm of school and did a lot of improvement in the farm and boarding school. To know how difficult the life is for our youth, the two children of the last king of Iran killed themselves here. A lot of my students even with PhD degrees killed themselves, too. You can imagine how difficult the life in the West for our people is. The system of the west will destroy us. We will be attacked from inside by the people who are brain washed against the west cultures and religions, and also from out side by the fundamental Christian and supper nationalists of west. With other words, the difficult situation brings us even against each other.

The hate between different religions, languages, races will destroy us soon or late. But I hope not. Our families as have different structures as here, will be mostly damaged here and also in our countries. Our girls burn themselves and our youth boys are full of sexual complexes. To ignore all these problems, will not solve them. Our youths are not happy there, because of the problems there and in the time they are here, they face other problems as I told you from inside and out side. I hope I did answer your question. I love to work for unity of mankind and for our youth especially as I think they need help.

Yours Amir

Nasser Ali G.

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