Revenge, Nationalism and Jingoism: Is the World Really a Safer Place?

 The American “war on terror” is said to protect its people and the world from new terrorist threats. But experts believe it was an intentional attempt to foment nationalism, jingoism and revenge against the countries of the Muslim world. ­Bill Van Auken, a member of the international editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site, says there is no evidence America went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect its people“We are always told 9/11 changed everything,” Van Auken told RT. “And certainly it is a changing point in American and world history. But I think if you look at what took place in the aftermath of 9/11, they do not flow from the events, they flow from policies that have been at work for at least the previous decade.” “The ruling establishment of this country is composed of the top layers of the financial system, of the corporate system, two political parties which they control and a corporate-run media which does their bidding,”  Van Auken went on.  “And through that media, through the parties, through the instruments of public opinion that they control they did foment nationalism, jingoism, the idea of revenge.”  


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