A site for insults and baseless allegations

IC has become a site for insults and baseless allegations. The most recent one being a blog blaming all Iranians for actions of a few. When I tried to use reason I was called a buffoon which seems perfectly fine to the admin. Iran hating seems to be “in” and defending Iran is “out”. As soon as you say something defending Iran you are immediately an IRI stooge. No matter what most Iranians inside and outside Iran think. If you refuse to take blame for IRI then you are “not facing responsibility”. No matter whether you were a victim of IRI yourself! Any deviations from the far right Glenn Beck / Fox news makes you an Islamist. No matter whether you are a Muslim or not. 

Disrespect for people is prevalent.  A person went so far as to threaten to beat me to a pulp. Others said “he is really a very sweet guy” telling me more about themselves than the guy. Really sweet to hear from my fellow Iranians. Personal insults abound. Moderation is totally subjective and does not follow any predictable form. People treat blogs as personal fiefdoms and order others off it. A practice which seems to be tacitly endorsed by management.

On this site NIAC is a dirty work. You mention it and hoards of “patriotic” Iranians accuse you of being in the pay of IRI. One person actually claimed one out of 3 Iranians in California are in the “pay” of IRI. Wow; at this rate IRI must be bankrolling at least tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Iranians in America. While all the polls show most Iranian Americans oppose military action we get an non stop stream of blogs calling for bombing Iran. God help you if you oppose it and you are immediately labeled an IRI stooge.  If this is the way IC wants to go fine; do it. But don’t expect to get much respect. Because when you do not create a culture of respect you don’t get any. Not decided whether to stick around or not but I wonder how long this site is going to keep any value. Meanwhile the world moves on while people here insult each other. And debate whether Mossadegh was a Saint or God.

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