The False anti Imperialism of Islamist regime

Islamist regime and their propaganda machinery always wraps  polar opposites of Imperial japan, nazi Germany on one hand  and vietnam on the other hand into one package,  throwing it at the gullible as the justification for their own policy of hate not towards the “american imperialism”, but all the forces of progress from west.

The father of modern vietnam, Ho-Chi-Min, a committed communist was not at all anti-american. The declaration of independence of vietnam from the French colonists just after the WW2, composed by Ho himself, was almost a copy of US declaration of independence. He asked and received Soviet backing only after being rejected by US. What US did in Vietnam afterwards was an unjust war with numerous war crimes, leading to a humiliating defeat, indeed the only major defeat in US history. Ho’s National Liberation Front had the solid support of M. Vietnamese population, with lots of support in south.

The Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan on the other hand were two murderous Fascist entities. Japanese treated chinese as subhuman and after capturing big chinese cities they’d go on campaign of rape and murder of civilians. So did Germans who treated Russian as sub human. never mind the 6 million murdered Jews, Russians lost 20millions, of which at least an estimated 14million were civilians. An all out war on both Fascist entities of Japan and Nazi Germany which were conducted not only by Americans but also Soviets and Brits were just and correct.

Back to Ho-Chi-Min and Vietnam. Ho put the interest of Vietnam and it’s people ahead of his own ideology. Pure and simple. Islamist regime on the other hand put their own ideology of hate of the west ahead of Iran and it’s interests

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