Of all “Al”s




On this date in 1905, a scientific journal published an Albert Einstein paper in which he tackled the issue of the relationship between the inertia of a body and its energy content…….something that you may expect to find on the glossy pages of a Playboy or Rolling Stone magazine nowadays……….Despite my best efforts to look like  an all-knowing fellow, I still don’t know whether or not Al’s finding had anything with the making of the atomic bomb…………and as you might have guessed by now, I’m sort of dying to stitch all the pertinent and impertinent pieces together in order to call the policy of the state of Israel and its newly-acquired bunker-busting toys a source of shame and regret for good Jews such as Al, and let me tell you that there is enough material and evidence to support my argument, but instead of all that, I will just invite you to read his biography here, and then watch these videos………….It might help your mind ease up on the adventure of the old woman and the donkey…..




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