israeli Arab obsession on

As a Socialist and internationalist I have great sympathy with sufferings of all oppressed people of the world. From people of Tibet and muslims under chinese occupation, to Muslim chechneans under Russian occupation to people of palistine under israel occupation, to unemployed european youth unable to find himself a job, the list goes on….

Having got that out of way, I also believe that charity begins at home. Putting it differently, it would be the height of hypocicy for me to turn a blind eye on my compatriots’ sufferings back home under the islamist regime, let alone trying to justify it, yet loudly scream for the rights of people of palistine, accusing anyone who questions my approach as a “zionist” or “mossad agent”.

This is precisely what is happening here on this site. People seem to be polatrised and characterised -by design or otherwise- along the lines of “pro palistine” and “pro israel”. Blog after blog is devoted to arab israel issue, with some comments crossing well into domains of KKK, Nazi Germany and alike…

What a shame indeed! Whilst our compatriots back home are being mass executed on a daily basis by a bunch of fascitic , out of control islamist maniacs, whilst our country is facing an environmental disaster of such proportions which would affect generations of Iranians to come, whilst the arrogant and dangerous foreign policy of the islamist regime is provoking every Tom, Dick and Harry to threathen our country with “military strikes”, whilst the isalmsit elite is stealing our oil revenue at an unprecedented rate, all we can do on this site is to call each other “zionists”, “jew “,Mossad agent” or “arab lover”.

What a shame indeed……

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