The Book Of Job

So I got curious.
Was there a parallel?

I’ll summarize it for you.
Job was rich,
righteous and bright.
To test him, God
smote him with blight.
His holdings were lost,
his house burned. God
took away (or killed)
all of his numerous children.
From head to toe
he covered him in sores
to the snicker of his wife.

All were amazed,
friend and foe,
at the lack of his wrath.
His companions
(from old Persia)
urged him to get it out.
But Job pointed to Nature,
Earth, thunder, cloud
then to his own true size.

God smiled
and made him wealthier
than ever before
with land, cattle, camel
and children more.

Forward a few years.
Our Job was also our most
successful toy maker.
He gave us much
and was loved by all.
He too, all the way,
to that hard fought death,
held his own sway.

I draw no conclusion.
What is, is. The best lot
along with the worse
end up in the same pot.
Righteous or not, seer,
inventor, soothsayer,
And if I were wrong,
shall I point to my wife?

I refuse to believe.
What I say on my deathbed
is a measure of my life.


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