Allegation of interrupting acts of state sponsored terrorism with the intention of committing mass murder on the American soil has been made by the highest

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PAAIA beats NIAC to the punch

PAAIA beat NIAC to the punch yesterday and rush announced it’s strongest condemnation of the Saudi Ambassador assassination plot by Iran that was foiled by

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A Whore In US Harem

Iran bashing is a fashionable trend these days in US administration, Senate and Political circles who pay lip services to the Aipac, an organisation that

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Fascinating Trio

Take a break from all the attacks and insults and indulge your eyes on this magnificent photo. The Northern Lights, a meteor and the neighborhood

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Nothing is lost to me

In my suitcase of diaspora I keep An isolated sunset, murdered crows A patch of grey sky that cracks and falls The patient stone of

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Voices for Peace

AA public service announcement featuring fifty Iranian Americans: who we are, what we believe in and why we’re for peace. If you know an American

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Good Paella in Barcelona

I have been trying all sorts of food in Barcelona, and I have come to two conclusions (more like speculations based on my observations) on

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Zohreh Ghahremani

If Ferdowsi Lived Today

There are too many books out there with a desperate attempt at giving the dying Persian language a useless CPR. So far all I’ve learned

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