The example of Unjust even in the USA

Dear Mr. President Obama  I wrote before for you that in the USA;  Just like a lot of other countries are unjust in a huge form. Sorrowfully the people get more and more involved with this problem and soon it will be a real problem also in the USA. Now because the system tries to make the people indifferent and or cruel, the problem will not show, but soon or late many people will feel that with their own flash. You know that in Middle East or in other countries many people are super rich and they have billions of dollars.

 Many of them got these monies from a cruel way, or by cheating and robbing. They robe the people money and get rich or super rich. That is the same also in Communist countries before and now. Capitalist and Communist is in action almost the same, some people are in the top and are rich and the other people are in the middle and not so poor, but the majorities of the people are in the bottom of the pyramid and are really poor and needy.  The law of jungle is in the whole word and also in the USA. If you are weak you have to be destroyed.  As you may be know the Sheikhs of Arabian countries live in a super luxury and it is something that you can read in the thousand and one night story. They have billions of dollars, live in a place with is build by gold and ivory, fly with a airplane made with yellow gold and drive a Mercedes Benz made of white gold. How they got so much money.

It is clear that they did by robbing the people and take the national wealth and gathered them in bank under their name and use the whole or big of the national money for their super luxury life and gathered the most beautiful furniture and women from the whole world and put them in their harem. Sorrowfully these stupid greedy and crazy leaders have the West support or even East?  As a college teacher I have to see that my students suicide themselves or are under edict ion of drug or alcohol or are killed by other people or system. As you know the son and daughter of the king of Iran have killed themselves. You can imagine how difficult is the life for even them that they decided to kill themselves?  A lot of my best students have killed themselves also, and the society is indifferent and do not care.  

Some of them are attracted by religions and think that is a way which can give them a way and support them. Some of them are attracted by bad habits like taking bribes and cheating other people to be over water. Some of them even are going to dangerous situation and that is only, because they want to survive.  As I was teacher in Europe, Asia and USA and can compare the situation, I can understand why we have so many problems even in the rich countries like USA?  The people now read and have contacts with each other and even with this fact that the system is trying to make them as far as possible indifferent or cruel, but the humanity feeling is there.

And it connects those people to each other. Especially if they have the same problem, they can understand each other better and not to be totally indifferent. I take one example to make my writing clear. Nasser was an important personality in his country, but over there he has been persecuted, because his mother was Bahai. You know may be sixty years ago, if a child was from a black mother and white father and was born here in the USA, he/she could have problem from both sides. For white he was not white and for black he was not black and was rejected from both sides. It is the same now in Iran, if you have parent from two different religions, especially if these two religions hate each other, you are not totally well come in the gathering of none of them. And in the time that one of them is in trouble, so you are in trouble.  It is clear if you are rich, you will be some how accepted.

 Nasser lost his job and his Moslem friend and Bahai family misused his situation and robbed him.  He had no other choice to come here. You know in Iran, the inflation is very high about 20% per year, so the banks do not give any loan to the regular people, they give only loan to the top people who have influence in the system. So the people, who have a little money, will be the victim of the inflation. In West or USA it is different, there is not here a huge inflation, and the banks give even with force you the loan. They call every day ten times to encourage you to get the loan.  You get the loan and the price of what you bought with is coming down and you lose the money. Or the people think you are rich they rob you, the police and system are indifferent and they do not care in the time that you have problem and you are robbed, because they are not robbed and they do not care. So you work and pay the insurance, mortgage and credit cards, they gathered a lot of interest from you.   Nasser came here and worked here in the USA and gathered some money and with the rest of the money which was not stolen in Iran from him, by the Moslem friends and Bahai family, he opened a business. He opened a boarding school. It was working fine; he could help the students who have not enough money. They could work and live in the boarding school and he helped them also with the teaching and guiding of learning. But after three years, the Orange County told him that they made mistake and they cancelled his occupational license. He had no other choice to rent the buildings to the regular people; the buildings were designed for a boarding school and not as a tenant renting house. The people thought he is rich, they did not pay him, and in the time he had to go to the court, they destroyed the building and took what ever they could. The water flood also damaged the house and the whole floor and walls, kitchen were damaged and or destroyed.

The insurance company which is Liberty Mutual sends one of his company expert here and they send another company to dry the carpets.  After one week heating the carpets, they were dry, but the insurance company said now it was a leak and they were not willing to pay the damages?  All your administration could not help him or they were indifferent. The cruel insurance company gathered for many years money and sends tons of papers to Nasser, but now they were not willing to pay the damages and help him. Nasser went to an attorney and gave pictures and documents to him. And now after months, nothing has happened. The system is useless and does not help the people, if you are robbed, you should be rich to pay in advance to the attorney to help you. If you have no money and you are robbed the system does not care about you.  In this example the Orange County made a mistake and Nasser should be punished. Because the attorney will a lot of money ab front, and if you do not have there is no law here to support you.

That is the land of possibilities that destroy and robe you. In other countries the stupid dictators even kill you, if you protest. Now may be it is clear why in the whole world soon will be an uproar against unjust. In Iran Nasser is persecuted, because his mother was Bahai and here he must experience sort of persecution, because he is born not here. Where should he go?  You know that in other countries crazy and stupid dictators are in the power and they misuse the money of oil with the help of West or East to kill their own people.  You know that Ghadafi has killed his own people with his army, with tanks and machine guns or even airplanes and if the NATO did not help the people with their airplanes, Ghadafi was willing to kill 90% present of his own people, because he thought he is God and the people owe him to be his slaves and listen to him and do what ever he wants. In compare with people in Middle East or North Africa, Nasser has a better chance and a much better life, but can all people in the world come here and live here. The USA should help the other countries to have a minimum of democracy, so they can stay in their countries and be happy there.  Nasser with high education and experience was in his country a beloved teacher at the college and a good manger and or president.

But here they look at him like just a physical worker? Sorrowfully the so called some of the White American or other American do not respect the people form other countries. They do not take them seriously and in the office, they just play with them and misguide them. Nasser says in the time he was in the county or other places, they send him from one room to the other room and at the end he will be returned to the same room that he was there before and now the person is not there and he should go next day there. The government employees who are paid to serve the people, they ignore people and do not want to take any responsibilities to do something. Or they misguide the people, whom are not born here. With other words the citizen of the USA are misused and they are in reality do not have the same right. They ignore them.  If they did not give Nasser, he would not open a boarding school to help the students, he could stay as college or high school teacher.  He lost all his money and all his saving, because of the mistake of the Orange County. Is it fair? Or Just?

The insurance company Liberty Mutual gathered many years money form him, but in the time he needed their help, they did not help. They send hundred of papers, but they are not really an insurance company, but an agency which gather money only on time. Nasser should pay the insurance company and the costs by himself also to pay double. Is it fair or just? An insurance company should judge by itself, if they should pay or not. Or Nasser should pay attorneys who are ready to take money from the desperate people to have may be some help? With other words if you cannot pay the attorney, forget it; you have no right and no voice? Is it fair? And the whole system is useless and indifferent.  The people thought he is rich and robbed him, but mostly the money was the credit cards and bank money.

The people robbed him, but the credit cards companies and banks want their money with high interest and late fee, the money which is stolen by the people and police is not able to help him and insurance company does not pay, he is responsible to pay? Is it fair? In the country that there is no economical security, how can you pay, if you are robbed? They call him every five minutes and want money, but nobody care that he has so many checks from the people that they are not willing to pay and did not give him the new address and they changed their telephone. Is it not a jungle law?  You are robbed and you are responsible to pay?  The boarding school that he bought over 1,500,000 dollars is now just 500,000 dollars, how can he pay the different. His down payment was about 300,000 dollars has gone by the deflation, and now he owe the bank 1200,000. The bank is willing to short sell the building to 400,000 dollars, but they are not willing to let him have it with the current price and current interest. Why all his saving for forty years should be given to the third person by selling short to other people?

 Why the bank does not modify it? The whole money of Nasser is robbed by insurance company and banks and after forty years of work as a college teacher, he has no penny left. He paid over 700,000 dollars to the banks for interest, taxes and insurance and repair of the buildings. And now with 60 years old of time, he should walk out of the business. That means he was just a slave, he worked and the banks, insurance companies and people robbed him and the whole system is useless and cannot help him. Is it fair? Why the government which he worked for it cannot help him with an attorney? Or just consider his situation?  In the dictatorship countries they robe you with force, but here by so called law of indifferent ties? The result is the same, in both systems; they destroy the people. And if Nasser claims in the offices, they said to him, go back to your country? Which country?  I have been persecuted there.  Now it will be clear for you why the people come on the streets, because there is unjust in the whole world and the people who have power misuse it and gather illegal money for themselves and robe other people. 

And because the system in the world train the people be cruel or indifferent, that happen. Some people have illegal money or they do not pay taxes enough. And some people are robbed totally, and they are in a bad situation.  To kill the terrorist does not finish the terrorist’s action. What can destroy the terrorist action is just only. If you see that you have no future, what can you do, you kill yourself, or you try to robe and cheat and take bribes, or you will be attracted to the terrorist group, who say to you, if you kill and be killed you go to paradise and over there you have hurries, beautiful women, who are always after each making love a virgin again. And if you are ignorant and or very religionist, you believe it or?  The power and money brings corruption and the dictators get crazy after a while, because the people over admire them and kiss their feet and their ass? So these corrupting will continue to all layers of the societies. Even the people who are under pressure also press other people, with other words the people start to destroy each other because they want to save themselves. 

      Hitler killed over 50,000,000 people. Stalin killed over millions of people. Even if Staling was from Georgia or old Iran, Hitler has nothing to do with Middle East? That is lack of humanity, greed, dictatorship, love of sex and money which guide the people to be cruel. So we are the same as other people not better and not…. worst? Catholics also killed the Protestants or? So we are killing, too like other people. Shia kills Sunni and Sunni kills Shia , Arabs kills Persian if they can and Persian will kill them if they can? Moslems killed 30, 000 Babi and recently over 200 Bahai?  Bahai do not like Azali ,nd Bayani, and so on and on. And in the USA the business people the banks and the insurance companies robe people very badly.

The example of Bahais is one of them; in Iran they kill Bahais, because of their name. Even if you are friend of Bahai and or half Bahai, that means you had no chance to know about Bahai enough you will be persecuted. So you trust the other Bahais, so they do the same to you as the Moslem did to them. That is human nature that they try to pass the difficulties to others or the other should be victims instead of them. The Bahais who robbed my friend Nasser were persecuted by the government and their jobs or money had been taken, so they did the same thing to Nasser who trusted them. Yours Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi  

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