Shouldn’t “Citizens of the World” Support Military Action to Remove Dictators?

When confronted with their cries for justice for every other nation in the world except the Iranian nation, our resident citizens of the world (“COTW”) are quick to tell us that injustice is injustice anywhere on this planet, and that we should be active in trying to eradicate oppression around the world.  So why are COTWs against military intervention by powerful nations for the removal of dictatorships and oppressors around the planet?  Aren’t superpowers acting as COTWs also?  After all, they are there to remove dictators and tyrants whom the indigenous population will never have the power to remove by itself.  They are acting upon their moral duty to stand against tyrants anywhere in the world, no? They’re even sacrificing their lives to do so.  It’s one big planet without borders and we are all its citizens, right?  So why not come to each other’s aid? 

So what if they have bigger guns?  Are you jealous that they can actually do something while all you can do is safsateh?

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