Shah Of Iran Visits Great Britain For The First Time 1948

First State Visit of a Pahlavi King to Great Britain. Greeted by King George VI ( the hero of the ‘King’s Speech ‘), the Shah visits diplomatic corps and reviews British military bases particularly the Air force. Also meets Iranian students studying in Great Britain. (Circa, 1948)

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Qajar Royal Predecessor’s Visit to the UK:

BERTIE & AHMAD: Ahmad Shah Qajar greeted by Future King George VI

Although an ally of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, under Reza Shah who was forced to abdicate (due to Iran’s neutrality in the World Conflict opposing the Allies to Axis Forces) in favor of his son Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Imperial Iran’s contribution to the War effort was fully acknowledged after the War as a “Bridge to Victory”.

Iran in London WW II parade

Iran in London WW II parade (2)

Tehran Conference: 1943

Shah and Churchill at Tehran conference

Roosevelt in Tehran

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