Gholamali Torabizadeh’s Haunting Words

“A person shouldn’t simply listen to what the people say.”

“What is our goal? Why did we come? Before we begin, we should think about this.”.

“One mustn’t always pay heed to what people say. The truth and what is right are not always found in public opinion”

“We are responsible towards the people and for what the people have entrusted us with”

“نیت ما از آمدن به اینجا چی است؟ هدف ما چیست؟ اول از همه باید به این فکر کنیم.”
“نباید همیشه به حرف مردم گوش داد. نباید همیشه به این اهمیت بدهم که مردم چی می گویند.”
“حقیقت و درستی به نظر عموم بستگی ندارد. “
“در حق مردم و حفظ بیت المال مردم مسولیت داریم.”
شهید ترابی زاده.

Gholamali Torabizadeh was remembered as a shy and softspoken “masooleh gordan” in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. He was killed in 1987, after three consecutive days of fighting without any break or sleep at the front. He was only about 20 or 21 years old. 

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