Israel’s Support for the MEK/MKO/PMOI is a big Mistake

For those that do not know, there is an “Iranian” opposition group residing in Iraq (at a former army camp) that had collaborated with Saddam Hussein in his 8 year war with Iran, and also assisted Hussein with his internal security operations (including the genocidal chemical attacks against Kurds). They have been led dictatorially by a husband and wife team – who control every aspect of their members lives (and do not allow members phone or internet access or indeed to leave the camp). This group also attacked American military personnel when operating as an opposition group inside Iran during the Shah’s reign. And now act as international mercenaries carrying out bombings and killings.

There is now overwhelming evidence that that the MEK/PMOI/MKO have now become a puppet of the Israeli government. Just look at who is supporting their bid for removal from the US Terrorist list – yes – its AIPAC. Israel’s political arm in the U.S.

A recent article written by Mark Dankoff (a media personality) reads as follows:

“Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal-State Fullerton, probably the leading authoritative source in the United States on the MEK, and its presently functional relationship with the Israeli Mossad and elements in the American intelligence community, has publicly stated via his own sources that the MEK is the leading tool of Israeli intelligence and American Neo-Conservatives in the latter’s espionage agencies in launching acts of destablization and violence directed at Iran’s current government and conducted illegally within Iranian borders. Foote identifies the PJAK, the offshoot of the Kurdish separatist PKK, and the Jundallah, as the other elements in this dangerous game. The MEK’s fingerprints in Tehran are joined by what seems to be a cooperative relationship with PJAK directed against the Iranian government in efforts launched from northeast Iraq and the Qandil Mountains and directed against Iranian Azerbaijan. And suspicious terror activities in Khuzestan and Diyala Provinces in recent years seem to be augmented by bomb blasts and terror killings in Balochistan Province in Iran where it appears that the MEK’s partner-in-crime is the Jundallah based in Pakistan. But again, the Hidden Hand is comprised of the obvious, bigger ultimate players and assets. The increase in PKK attacks on Turkey since May 2009 coincides exactly with the corresponding time frames of the Turkish government’s public beefs with Israel over the Mavi Marmara shoot-up and other formal Erdogan government protests against the actions of the Netanyahu regime in Gaza and elsewhere. What does this tell any of us? But for the Israeli Mossad, the American CIA, the British MI6, and their respective Commanders-in-Chief, the operative concept is “plausible deniability.”

He goes on to say:

After the last assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran, Newsweek magazine all but confirmed the role of the Mossad and the MEK in that murder (and the previous episodes as well). The coverage was preposterously positive regarding these killings. To put into perspective just how this ruthless game is played, your readers may find it interesting that when the late Sidney Harman owned Newsweek, his wife was California Democratic Congressman Jane Harman, a member of the House Intelligence Committee. According to Pat Buchanan, Mrs. Harman was overheard on an American National Security Agency (NSA) wiretap assuring some Israelis at the other end of the conversation that she would use her considerable and covert influence on Capitol Hill to have American prosecutors drop their espionage case against Weissman and Rosen of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for illegally obtaining classified National Security Council (NSC) documents on Iran from one Larry Franklin, so-called NSC expert on Iran. This is just one example of how American financial, political, and media power always seems to intersect when it comes to the subject of Israel. And since Israel and the MEK are now full business partners in directing their animus at Iran, the MEK will draw an increasingly free pass in the American media and government, as long as they are doing the Mossad and Israeli Lobby’s bidding.”

Here is a little more about Israel’s relationship with the MKO/MEK/PMOI from various sources:

MKO’s secret ties with Israel do not begin or end with Iranian nuclear documents. They also unabashedly attend AIPAC functions. In fact, the MKO has intensive and very direct cooperation with the Iran Policy Committee, a spinoff of AIPAC. Mahan Abedin, a journalist for the Asia Times, reports that there are regular media reports which allude to direct Israel-MKO ties. In an article that Abedin wrote in which he interviewed a former MKO member, Massoud Bani Sadr, BaniSadr disclosed that “the [MKO] is exclusively motivated by the interests of the cult, and as such it will cooperate with any constituency. If there is any hesitation in collaboration it stems from Israeli reluctance, since the Mujahedin because of its close relationship with the PLO, is not fully trusted by Israelis. On the other hand from an Israeli perspective, the [MKO] is the only viable tool against Iran.”In 2006, Connie Bruck, a writer for New Yorker, spoke with an Israeli diplomat who declined to elaborate on the MKO-Israel relationship, but did at least say to Bruck that “Israel had found the [MKO] useful.”

I just want to point out to the Israeli’s that Iranians hate the Mullahs in power in Iran, but in truth hate the MKO/MEK/PMOi even more. If Israel wants to topple the regime in Iran, it should not associate with those that can not sustain a stable government inIran. These clowns (MKO/MEK/PMOI) if unleashed in Iran, will be lynched by virtually all Iranians. They have betrayed Iran by cooperating with Saddam Hussein in a war that provided more than 1 Million casualties. Horrific sites of victims of chemical weapons and coffins of dead children are engrained in the Iranian public’s psyche.

The strategy to defeat the Mullahs and the Nazi anti-semetic regime in Tehran should be pursued by cooperation with forces the can truly provide a long-term, sustainable, transparent, democratic, and accountable government to the People of Iran and the world as a whole. The MEK/MKO/PMOI are not it. The more Israel associates with them, the more it will distance itself from its most natural partner in the region – whose people and leaders (as far back as 2000 years ago) – have supported and protected the aspirations of Jews. It is your turn now to also support and protect the legitimate aspirations of the people of Iran.

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