A sobering thought. The undoing of colonel Qaddafi!



       In the end a single bullet put an end to 42 years of reign! A single bullet shattered all those synaptic connections that made Qaddafi the “king of kings” of Africa. But before that happens many more bullets shattered many more skulls and hearts. Many lives were ruined. Many dreams unfulfilled.

       We may never know when or where that single bullet was made. We never know how long it took before the bullet found its target. But sadly as we have seen many times in human history the delusions in some heads are so entrenched that nothing but the thrust of a bullet can resolve them!

       It is said that Qaddafi was disoriented and in shock asking his soon to be killers “what I have done to you?”. It is characteristics of dictators that they are so detached from the reality, the rage of their subjects comes as a surprise to them. After all they are convinced that they are doing their subjects a favor in guiding them and providing them everything. 

      So it seems many times in history the “period” that comes at the end of a chapter, an era, or dynasty is in fact a bullet! 

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