The Russians Got it in 8 years. For Iranians? 32 and Counting

This article is about getting priorities right.  Most iranians see getting priorities right as the most important issue we face as Iranians, the direction we want to pursue becomes easy once we have our priorities clear.  We see the results with Russia, a society that has chosen democratically to put aside any desire for democracy and instead pursue 1) national pride and 2) economic stability (with all the social benefits that come with it including an expanding middle class, better education for most, better healthcare for most and greater peace and security).  Surely this is exactly the way the majority of Iranians should be thinking if their progress and development are of any concern to them. 

We too should put aside the desire for greater democracy and follow Russia’s path of success, which was actually modelled from the experiences of our late shah. We need to remember that blame and jealousy will get us nowhere & Neither will lies about the past, like the ones the western media cynically created for the shah based on Goebels play book of propaganda i.e. dictator, repression & corruption.  Most iranians rightly remember the reign of the late shah as the best time in modern Iranian History.  I think its time we become honest regarding where Iran is at, living in extreme tyranny, such a system cannot be turned to a democracy in your life time.  Let’s Unite behind a Leader like Putin in Russia who has successfully redirected his country towards freedom, by focussing on national pride and economic stability and letting go of focussing on democracy. You know this is the responsible path for Iran. If you insist on greater democracy you are only setting Iranians up for even greater humiliation or worse the possibility of disintigration.  Learn this lesson and be a good person for Iran, not the source of suffering and misery. Lets focus on Freedom first and later when it becomes possible we can start to build democratic institutions slowly over generations.  Let go of democracy for now and focus on a secular Iran once again.…

Unity on this vision is the key to victory.


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