Why US loves Hezbollah in Iran and what you can do to change.that.


Freedom is the buzz word in modern times. The new religion. God vs Democracy. God vs Choice. It is not rocket science. But it is.

DNA vs Dualism
I always try to place a comical view in light of the various ironies we Iranians have to deal with. This irony is in our DNA. The Ancients spoke about dualism, in the vocal traditions from the last great galactic alignment some 20,000 years ago. It was written in The Vendidad of the Zend-Avesta, and has remained even with the onslaught of this religious Age of Pisces we are ending. Modern words used now are Dualism, but it is the interplay in our space-time, of Ohrmazd and Ahriman. Put simply, it is the journey; from chaos to choice; to difficult choices to act, as we go through every moment we breathe. Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds has been the vanguard of Iranian self-determination.

The Shahanshah was sold weapons as “Protector of The Free World” against USSR. The Communist Tudeh Party in Iran was the Bogey Man. The weapon factories in US and their agents loved Kianouri et al. Funnily enough this character was in elementary school with my dad. Dad was always first in the class, Kianouri was a regular runners up. Dad found the largest oil well and founded the Petrochemical Industry of Iran. Kianouri got rid of the Shah and produced a new Bogey Man in the form of Khomeini et al. That is irony for you.

Quo Bene
So my view is simple. Sell sell sell weapons. The concept is not that complicated and you know it. The people who have the guns run Iran. The people of Iran avoid them. That is the status quo. In the meantime the politicians in US get funding from weapon manufacturers as it has always been. Shah or Khomeini from their view it is the same. This is rocket science.

Bogey Man
Making Iran be the proxy for The Hezbollah Party in Iran, is the fuel that fires the rockets for US. Ironically both Khomeini’s and Kianour’s children have become the Bogey Men now, that USSR has gone. But the weapons salesmen are still around.

Action you can take
The other party to this is the news media. War sells papers. We all know this. When you see someone talk about Iran being blamed for what The Hezbollah Party in Iran does, you must correct the writer. No, he or she cannot write or say what they like when they are lying about you. You are an Iranian, and you are not a member of The Hezbollah Party in Iran. So correct them. I do it everyday. Yes I am a pain. So become a pain as well.

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