The Making of a West Residing, Yet West Hating Iranian Pseudo Intellectual

The great Fesenjoon created and sent me the artwork above s that I can use it in a blog. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that the picture itself—as they say–is worth a thousand words. There is really not much to add. Fesenjoon has really encapsulated the duplicity, the idiocy and the treachery of our West residing, yet West hating closeted—and sometimes not so closeted—IR supportering Iranians. And these creatures STILL can not admit that they were wrong. They are STILL trying to dodge their utter responsibility for the 1979 devolution and the mess that we are in today.

Once again, another great creation by Fesenjoon. Blocked or not, he is one of the most influential users of this site.

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