Different thinking and the different ways of life

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Those are some answer to a question who believe a woman with little clothe or in the swimming suit is not good. They should even swim with covered clothes, because the men cannot control themselves.

This picture here is normal pictures. The condition here is different. Your answer is longer than few sentences.

I do not live in Afghanistan and here all my students are like those pictures, they do not have Hejab.
If one day I can teach in Afghanistan or our Aryana, Khorasan, I will teach the people with the Hejab. Our leader destroy our people, they robe our national money. Look Ghadafi had just in one of their accounts 32 billions dollars. He could build a lot of hospital, universities, school with this money. He did not. I wish I could teach in Afghanistan, but there are not possibilities for us to be active there. I am for moral, but moral is not Hejab. A woman with doctor degree and without Hejab can be moralist and a ignored, uneducated, poor woman with Hejab can be bad. Our leaders have hundred women, and they cut the testis of the young people to keep guard of those women, haramsara. They fly in the airplane made by gold, they drive cars made of white gold, and the people have no work, no universities and no woman to marry. We are quite about those, but if we see a nice girl, we cannot control yourself and we want to cover that woman, they are also human being, why we should see them as a sex object only? Do you like to have a friend who is beautiful and is professor and she is friendly? Beauty is created by God and we should respect it. Adam and Eva were necked or not? So they should be hanged on? The time is different now. The children of Adam and Eva, the brothers and sisters have sex with each other and they got children. It is bad now , but at that time was OK.

I would prefer that I was never here, but we are forced to leave our countries, because they do not have work and place for education, and our people are greedy, dictators, and jealous. My Afghan students at the university loved me and I could teach them very well, but … Why we should not be like Europe or USA in science and technologies? The rich people in our countries robe and they have illegal money, corruption is huge. Our girls they burn themselves and our boy kill themselves, why? They try to destroy the middle class in the whole world. We are here hated by the people, they do not love us. And in our countries, they do not let us to work. In the time that I for first time went to Germany, I thought the same as you, but later I learned that they think differently. Love with sex is not bad here. And the girls are free to move. If you touch a girl that she does not want it, you will be in jail. But in our countries the girls are teased by men and they burn even themselves. The rich men in our countries use poor boys and poor girls as sex objects.

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