Will The IRI Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is and Attack Israel?

A few days ago, thug in chief Khamenei said in a speech that the IRI will destroy ANY threat, ANY attack, and any act of aggression against it in a way that will “destroy” the perpetrator.  He specifically mentioned Israel by name.  Western media is now claiming that the recent explosion at the IRGC base which resulted in the deaths of several high ranking IRGC generals was the work of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence. 

 So, the question is this: will Khamenei put his money where his mouth is and respond to this attack like he promised, or will he once again be a scared little chicken and hide in a hole when attacked? I bet that he will do the latter.  If he does not respond, the world should know that a full scale military invasion of Iran is not necessary to remove this regime.  The IRI is all talk and no action.  They are a bunch of fools who are scared of their own shadow.  A little more serious pressure and they will run away themselves.   


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