The Occupation Of Iran Is Only A Matter of Time…

This First Link focuses on the misinformation put out by the Main Stream Media. Why does the West want to only Vilify the Evil Regime they put in power in Iran, while helping them stay in power? Why does the west not take up Reza Pahlavi’s offer of Giving the Iranian Opposition a Chance to Remove the Regime in place of going for a Military Solution? Why Is the USA Govt opposed to allowing Reza Pahlavi from giving Speeches to the Iranian Diaspora within the USA? Why does the West oppose any government in the Middle East and North Africa from having A Steel Industry, A Nuclear Power Industry or a Multifaceted Complex Economy? In Turkey’s case they make it very clear, no Turkish Govt can pursue these things. In Iran’s case post 1979, they can only request these things from Russia and China and if they pursue them they will face opposition from within, by groups wanting democracy, freedom and human rights (but those are not the real issues of concern for the USA just used as a tool). Some Iranians wrongly assume that the Pahlavi’s were not good for Irans Freedom, Justice, Human Rights and Democracy.

The truth is the late Shahs Team made more progress in all these areas than anyone/group In Iranian history, he was not removed with US/UK/French support because of any of these issues, he was removed so that his team could be stopped in continuing their tremendous progress on areas that they disapproved.

Are the Actions of the US Govt in North Africa and the Middle east in keeping with the region’s peaceful development, Something the late Shah cared deeply about and Succeeded In Producing? Consider All of the Actions of the USA, Regarding Each Countries Core Interests such as its sovereignty, national security and unity which it uses various games to intrude on.

When the USA/UK on the one hand create a situations that they don’t want to resolve amicably like the Nuclear Issue and on the other hand do everything they can that the Regime not fall and stays in power, this points to a desire for the Occupation of Iran, a step that will coincidentally also mean that Iranians in the future will not be able to pursue their legitimate interests and be suppressed from being able to restore Freedom from Western Hegemony.

On the other hand Giving Irans Opposition a chance, as Reza Pahlavi has asked for, will give Iranians the ability to Restore their freedom and pursue their own interests for development with out the west blocking the sale of anything to Iran or putting in power a group of yes men like in Saudi Arabia and Turkey that don’t even dare ask for the Industries their people need.

I think its obvious why Iranians name a certain person “Khoda Biamorz” for a Leader that broke western Hegemony over Iran for the last 15 years of his Rule, only to face a wave of manufactured and disingenuous disunity.

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