The Old Culture Of Iran and The Current Culture of Iran.

What changed with our Iranian Culture since the Advent of Islam?  We see that Wisdom and the Truth used to be more a part of Iranian Life in the Past.  You were not guaranteed a place in Heaven just for being the member of a Religion as we are taught today.  Our ancient culture was made up mostly of people who believed you needed to focus on making this world a heaven, in farsi “Pardis” in pursuit of knowledge that showed us the path to living in Pursuit of the Truth and Wisdom.  That was your basis for respectability in society, what you gave in terms of good thoughts, words, actions making Iran Paradse on earth, not just being a muslim.   

With the advent of Islam just being “A Moslem” guarantees you a place in a man invented heaven in the after life, everything you need to know about the truth and wisdom is in the Koran and you don’t need to study anything else.  Beating a child to force them to read the Koran is consdered a Noble act.  Osama Bin Laden required this beating of his children to motivate study from their Koran studies teachers and is considered by many muslims an upright good muslim.             

In the past we know that this pursuit of Truth and Wisdom lead to a society that celebrated happiness and smiling, something that is not thought highly of in Islam. It is said the prophet never smiled.  That’s sad to think about, considering many Iranians had until the 1979 revolution used him as a role model.  The Iranian Culture of the past has so many poems that talk of the importance of caring for others on a consistent basis to create happiness.  People would do this through their work, through helping each other and more commonly reaching out to a person or friend struggling with an issue.

Society in the Islamic republic is today considered more corrupt than at any point in modern memory.  People can hardly get anything accomplished without corruption and unlike the 1970’s when life was getting better across the board, people feel the Islamic Republic cares very little about them and their needs.  This is actually correct because all the people in Iran are considered expendible for the victories of the islamic revolution and islam teaches that people must not seek for this life, but for the next.  This explains why our old culture and modern post islamic culture are having such difficulties co-operating.

One focussed on creating heaven on earth and the other based on results in over 100 muslim countries based on the responses of the people themselves is creating a living hell. In one we had a celebration of Now Ruz, giving thanks for the Monarch and the New Year, festivities thank include dance, drinking, music, poetry and jumping over fire as a physical representation of wishing to cleanse ones self from impurities, and in another we have a desire to ban and criticise all these actions.

Some say there is no difference between the Old culture of Iran and the New Culture of Iran.  For example the Leader of the IRI Ali Khameneii.  The reason is, because as the most important muslim of all in Iran, his job is to be the biggest liar of all, specifically towards all his followers within Iran and to deceive them and when necessary to coerce and torture them.  When one studies the koran one realizes the immense impact it has had on our modern culture, where truth and wisdom are in the book and not to be sought in other ways, and even lies are considered okay to expand and defend the cult “ghesas”.  It is as clear as the light of day why, those defending the Modern Culture of Iran would be the sworn enemies of the Shahhanshahi of Iran which is rooted in the old culture of Iran and even made Islam look and feel half decent before the coup of 1979.

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