A Few Moments with Poet Hatef Esfahani



Seyyed Ahmad Hatef Esfahani (also spelled as Hatif Isfahani) is the famous Iranian poet of the 18th century AD. His birth-date is unknown. He was born in Esfahan (Isfahan), a central province of Iran, and most likely he died in Ghom in 1783 AD. (Some documents also indicate that he died in Kashan in 1777 AD and was buried in Ghom). Hatef was contemporary to at least seven rulers of Iran namely Shahrukh of Afsharids (ruled 1748-1796), Karim Khan-e-Zand (ruled 1760-1779), Abolfatth Khan, Mohammad Ali Khan, Mohammad Sadegh Khan, and Ali Morad Khan (all from Zand dynasty who ruled 1779-1785), and Agha Mohammad Khan, the founder of Qajar dynasty (ruled 1781-1797). Hatef was also contemporary to poets Azar Bigdeli and Sabaahi Beedgoli. Some sources believe that those three poets were all the students of

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