The unholy Iran

Yesterday’s coordinated simultaneous attack on the British embassy and a compound in two different locations in Tehran by the regime’s Islamist Brownshirts, aka, Basij, was a monumental miscalculation by Khamenei.

True, with the occupation of the American Embassy in Tehran and taking its diplomats hostage for 444 days, Islamists have gotten away with this savagery before, however, nowadays, things are quite different.

After 33 years of “exporting revolution” through international terrorism, over two decades of illegal weaponized nuke program in conjunction with the acquisition of ICBM and relentless bloody oppression at home, gone are the world’s sympathy, understanding and hope for the Iranian Revolution.

Perhaps even more crucial for the survival of the Islamist regime, its discredited “reformist” front and all, is the pure unadulterated hatred it has garnered with the absolute majority of Iranians.

While helping the fed up Iranians with their logistical needs, Air-tightening the sanctions which includes oil/gas/Central Bank and robust maritime interdiction is the only way toward restoring sanity and order in Iran and the entire Middle East. 

Islamist warmongers are on the march, it is high time to help Iranians end this tragic unholy experiment with “the government of Allah on earth” and turn the page; it is time for regime change.

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