Newt Gingrich – Serial Hypocrite, Serial Liar, Serial Crook

Newt Gingrich is now 21 points ahead of Romney. He might very well become the next president of the United States. But he really, truly is a scary individual.  

I can’t believe how short republican memories are…he was so unpolular. “Its all about Lobyists, lies and ladies. Gingrich has had more personal drama than lindsey lohan.” He is a serial adulterer. He is a former speaker of the House – who is one of the few in congress who has been found guilty of over 80 ethics violations for taking money from lobbyists.

Here are a bunch of videos on this idiot:

On taking 37 Million in lobbying money from the healthcare industry, and a few million from fannie mae before fannie mae went bankrupt…all completely against…his public positions against lobbyists and crooked politicians.

On his marriage infidelity … uses God and America for reasons why he jumped into bed …rank hypocracy. Total garbage, total lies. He had so much love for his country that he transfered it to another woman – behind his many wives’ back …that is why his wives did not believe him and told him to take a walk. Then he accuses America of being under threat by Islamists and Secular atheists (code for Obama).

Newt Gingrich is officially insane. Here is his rant against Islam – at the Values Voters conference. Pretending Muslims are here to cut people’s hands off, and impose sharia law … with outlandish and hate speech pandering to crazies on the right.

His whole political career has been about himself. He has never done anything for the American people. His speakership was a total failure. Its all been about filling his pocket and getting laid. Polls are saying if he ran today he would be neck and neck against Obama!! Why do Americans have such short memories?? This guy is a crook and he hates Muslims.

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