Drones for sale

Sanctioned? Hated by your own citizens and everyone else in the world apart from hassan nassrullah and his kitten and a few brain dead elderly dual/triple passport holding  wanabe intellectuals in london and California? Needing  some diversion?

We can help! Display one of our drones on your TV , create a bit of diversion, and get your elderly fans in california jumping up and down with joy until their next social security checks arrival!

 We at Drones R Us supply all sorts of drones, aquired through shooting down or theft from degenerate americans or godless commi ruskis (the latter we sell at exceptionaly cheap prices).

 For full catalogue and price list:

Write to our chairman, CTO, CEO, CFO, MFSOB, Haji G. Hekmatyar at #12, Bin-Laden street, G.W.Bush Square, Khomeini Building, Kabul, Afghanstan 

or call us at 1-800-TALIBAN

or visit our website; Drones_R_Us @Shiat_Taliban.net

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