In memory of my high school friends

Today, Molly and I went to the Sierra for a short hike and some father-daughter bonding.  It was a beautiful CA winter day where the streams are frozen over yet you can hike with only a T-shirt and not get cold.  Going to the mountains has always brought me a sense of joy and freedom.  In the mountains I am relaxed, happy and peaceful.  It is also a place where I can think more clear, be in touch with feelings and reflect on my life better.  Today was no exception and as we started the hike, I was thinking about my life and how different it could have been had I stayed in Iran.  I was thinking and remembering my good high school friends and that faithful morning when six of us packed in a car and headed to sign up for service.   We had been friends and in the same classroom for the past four years, all of the same age and as naïve and innocent as any bache shahrestani could get.  The war had just began, a sort of 9/11 for Iranians and we were clueless as what awaits us, yet eager to defend our mother land.   Well, three of those six were lucky to finish the service and make it back home, two of those three were lucky to have opportunity to leave Iran and make a life outside in a new adopted land. Today  I was reflecting on my own life and how good I have it, specially compare to those who remained in Iran.  A life, free to choose your own path, free to express your thoughts,  with the greatest partner (my wife) that I could have never imagined better or kinder, four kids who keep us busy yet bring us much joy, a job that enable us to have a comfortable life.  And then I was thinking how much I wished my friends back home could have a bit of this life, the comfort and freedom.

In the memoreis of those great friends

P.S. Molly, a mixed German Shepherd is our newly adopted daughter.  She is about a year to a year and half and a well behaved, much loved pedar sokhteh.

P.S.S The pic is a winter boating on North Fork American river in late 90s

‘Hambastegi is the main key to victory’


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